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Snot like discharge?

i am 6 weeks along and take progesterone suppositories 3 times a day. I have been spotting light brown for the last 2 weeks on and off. Nurse says that's normal and my HGC has gone way up and numbers look great! However, now the brown spotting (happens about every third day) is kind of "snot" like. Has this happened to anyone else. Sorry for the gross visual... but it looks like my vagina sneezed a small, brown tinted booger. (It's happened twice this weeks with days apart from each other) Very disturbing. 

Please tell me me this is normal. I've emailed my nurse, but don't want to wait for her response lol.

Re: Snot like discharge?

  • I would be patient and wait until you receive you medical professional's advice. What is normal for one person during pregnancy is not necessarily normal for someone else.
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  • My nurse got back to me and said discharge of all types is normal during early pregnancy and brown spotting is also common. I don't really feel convinced. I haven't read any good stories about snot like brown discharge :(
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  • Stop reading stories on the internet. People only tend to post them if something bad happens. I would trust the medical professionals that are actually treating YOU that know your actual medical history over random people on the internet.

    If you aren't convinced in the advice you're receiving from your nurse/doctor, you should consider finding a new one.
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  • I have been using progesterone suppositories too. They're a joy... or something like that! I could take stock in pantyliners from the nasty stuff. I wouldn't worry. Sometimes inserting them causes irritation to the cervix which could cause some brown spotting, and of course what goes up must come down again. x_x
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