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Weekly Appointments Check In - 11/27/16

Re: Weekly Appointments Check In - 11/27/16

  • Just came back from the little guy's first pediatrician visit and looks like all is well; he's even starting to put his weight back on! Granted we haven't even been home for 24 hours, so we left exhausted, but the babe is in good shape.
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  • Just had Emma's first appt. She had lost about 7% of birth weight before leaving the hospital but has already started putting weight back on. Dr said everything looked great. She wants us back in a couple of days just to double check weight again and make sure she's still gaining appropriately. Next actual well visit will be when she is two weeks old. 
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  • Overdue at 40+5 today, with an appt on Wednesday. I anticipate a NST. Trying to be optimistic that something will happen before that. Baby is measuring on the small side of average (dr's guess is low 7s, which is what my sister's kids were all born weighing -- my only frame of reference.) Until then, just drinking raspberry leaf tea, taking EPO, bouncing on the ball, and crossing my fingers. 
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