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Crazy attached baby (also terrible sleeper)

Ever since DD turned 6 months, she's gotten increasingly attached to me and her sleep has gotten progressively worse. I SAH and my son was somewhat similar as a baby, but at least with him it got better as he got older, whereas with her it's gotten worse. I could handle her being obsessed with me if she at least slept okay at night, but she is still up on avg 4 times a night (at her best it was once or twice a night and she did STTN one time like a month ago). It's plain ridiculous and I feel like I've tried everything. I don't have it in me to do full blown CIO, especially since she is working on tooth number 10 so I do thing some of it's teething pain, but I have let her cry for short periods of time and it rarely works. I guess at this point I'm just looking for anyone who can commiserate?? Anyone have a crazy non-sleeper who's obsessed with mama?

Re: Crazy attached baby (also terrible sleeper)

  • Yes! The last month sleeping has been hell with my baby girl and I am the ONLY person she wants to see at night. We had done pretty well with the Sleep Lady Shuffle and then between daylight savings, teething, and the baby getting really sick she is now waking almost every hour overnight. And she has never been a good napper. And I love how much she loves me, and the fact that she finds comfort with me, but I just wish someone else could help sometimes. No advice at all, just commiserating. I just keep telling myself that this too shall pass. 
  • Look, you're up anyway so you might as well try CIO. No reasonable person just lets their kid cry for hours, but 10 minute increments won't hurt your LO. 
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  • Yes I definitely feel your pain! But we did some sleep training a few weeks ago and night time sleep is a lot better. This weeks naps have gotten really bad though, and LO is super attached to me during the day in general. DH used to be able to comfort her, but not this week! Ahhh. 
  • You're not alone!! We through good spells with good night sleep and naps and we go through bad spells where we have to cosleep to get any rest. I definitely feel your pain
  • Glad I'm not alone! @Mamabeagle I have let her cry for short periods of time to no avail, the issue is that her cry is SO LOUD that she wakes her brother up whose room is across the hall, even with both doors shut and white noise going :#
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