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what are you ladies using to take pictures of your LOs? Your phone or an actual camera? I take ALL of my pictures with my iPhone and I'm starting to think I need to invest in a really good camera. What would you guys suggest? 

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  • I  have a canon rebel dslr that I had to start using recently since all my cell phone shots were coming out blurry.  it lets you adjust the shutter speed so I can get decent shots even when he's in constant motion.  
  • We bought a nice camera that arrived the day he was born... but we still wind up using our phones. They're just so much more convenient, and for mother's day I got one with a very good camera. 
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  • I have the canon rebel as well. I love it. We take more of our day to day pictures with our phones. But take quality photos at least once a month.
  • I use my phone. Last Christmas DH bought me the LG G4. It has a 16megapixel camera. It takes beautiful photos and videos. Every couple months i upload all of it onto the computer and it all automatically uploads to google drive
  • Also a canon rebel dslr user here.  I use that when attempting special photos but still use my iPhone for every day use.  I find the iPhone quality very good and much more intuitive to use and easier for sharing photos quickly, but like having the dslr too to be able to make manual adjustments and more artistic photos... (I'm an aspiring photographer).
  • I use my iPhone for daily shots, but we have a fancy Nikon DSLR that we use for his monthly pictures and when we are traveling. No need for fancy editing software either. I just use PicMonkey for all of it. It's free and simple :)
  • I have a Nikon 1 I use. Most of the time I take picture on my phone but I take me camera to special stuff of fun days out. 
  • I mainly use my phone for day to day stuff but I also have a Rebel SLR that I bring when I know there will be premium photo opportunities without much hassle.
  • Thanks for the suggestions, ladies. A camera may be a Christmas gift from my husband! 
  • I also have a Canon DSLR. I'm a high school photo teacher, and all of my students use Canon Rebels. I recommend them for amateur photographers who want professional looking photos. They're user-friendly and take great pictures. Buy a cheap Canon 50 mm lens (around $100), and you can REALLY get some great shots!
    I also use my phone for day-to-day shots, but I bust out the camera pretty regularly too. 
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