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Do any of you use bumpers? 

We currently don't have any as LO loves to sleep right up against the sides of the crib. My concern is he will sleep right against it and not be able to breath. My other concern though is right now he moves around a lot and is constantly hitting his head against the sides of the crib. Sometimes it's hard enough that I hear it and it wakes me up. I'm worried he will have damage to his brain or something with constantly hitting his head. 

We've tried the mesh bumpers and they didn't really help.

Should I worry about any damage he might be doing? 

What bumpers do you use? 

Thanks everyone.

Re: Bumpers..

  • I don't think he's going to hurt his brain from flopping around in the crib. He's probably going to get some bumps and bruises, but skulls are thick! At this age (toddlers!) we don't need to worry about suffocation. It's fine to let them sleep with blankets and everything. The only thing I'd be worried about it the bumpers provide leverage for climbing out of the crib. 
  • Nope, we've always removed once they started pulling up because we didn't want them using them as a ladder to try to get out of the crib. 
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  • Thanks ladies. I'm going to invest in some for sure.
  • I didn't use bumpers for the longest time because I was worried about suffocation. Once my LO started thrashing around he kept hitting his head on the crib and waking. I started using regular padded bumpers and I think it has helped him sleep. He stands up all the time in his crib and is quite tall and has never tried to climb out...so far.
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