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Update on twins delivered at 24 weeks


I just wanted to update everyone since my due date has come and gone. I delivered twins at 24 weeks and 4 days. Jordan is doing well he is on nasal cannula and learning how to bottle feed. His stage IV IVH  (brain bleed) is still resolving and he developed  hydrocephalus. Sydney is not on any oxygen be does have feeding issues . Her stage II ivh has completed resolved. They are now 4 months but corrected age is 2 weeks. Due to feeding issues we do not have a discharge date . 

Re: Update on twins delivered at 24 weeks

  • Bless these little angels! I'm sorry to hear they're still in the hospital but glad that they are making steady improvements. I hope you're holding up well, I know NICU life isn't easy. 
  • They are so cute! Hope you get discharged soon glad to hear they are improving. Good luck to all 3 of you! 
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  • They are fighters, stay strong Mama. Glad to hear the update!
  • Gave me goosebumps, what beautiful babies! Keep it up mama!!
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  • What beautiful, strong babies! My DD was in the NICU for 10 days, I can't imagine 4 months! You're a strong momma! 

    MMC 01/26/12 

    MC 12/25/12, D&C 01/05/13

    BFP 03/05/13, EDD 11/12/13. HB 175 @ 9w2d. Its a Girl!

    <3Madeline Lorraine H. <3 Born 11/12/13 @9:10pm, 7lb6oz

    DX with EA/TEF Type C & Tracheomalaysia
    MC @ 13wks 01/15/15 

    DX Septate Uterus - surgery recommended

    BFP 3/18/16, EDD 11/13/16 It's a boy!
    <3 Clint Kiszonas H. <3 Born 11/21/16 @10:38pm, 9lb11oz

    BFP 1/11/18, EDD 9/21/18 
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