Where TF did my thread go? — The Bump
April 2016 Moms

Where TF did my thread go?

Am I insane? Where is the "Random Thread Renaissance" thread I started earlier? Am I blind? Did I break a rule somehow? Are random threads not allowed? Is the Bump KGB trying to crack down on the social acceptable-ness of wearing maternity pants to Thanksgiving? 
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Re: Where TF did my thread go?

  • I also put a hold on this at the library. I'm number 352 for 90 copies lol. I may be a little while...

  • What does this even mean? Is the Bump broken for everyone or just me?
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  • Same! Thought I was going nuts and had hallucinated the entire thing.
  • edited November 2016
    I think The Bump must have choked or something cause that library wait list post obviously isn't in response to this thread either... It appeared immediately when I posted this and looked like it was posted 4 hours before I started this thread... Very very weird.
    kids with flags
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