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FB announcements

Felt like I was in a good place today...until I saw a few announcements. Then I just go backwards.  :(

Re: FB announcements

  • Sorry, this seems to be the season for that. I've encountered a lot of people I work with announcing.  I got off of FB for my sanity. Best thing I could have done. I  couldn't handle seeing all the announcements.
  • I totally understand. I block everyone who is pregnant. I can't handle their happiness right now. Ugh. You are not alone! 
    Me: 31  DH: 31
    Married: 11.2.14
    TTC: October 2015
    BFP: 1.24.16
    Confirmed MC: 2.25.16 at 8 weeks. Blighted Ovum.
    Baby Due: 4.24.17
    Confirmed M/C 10.27.16 at 14 weeks; D&C 10/28/16

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  • I understand. December is when I was due and it is so hard to see the women who were also due in December start having their babies. I deactivated my facebook and instagram for the time being and that's helping
    Me: 27 DH: 27
    Married 6/15/13
    BFP #1 5/8/16, EDD 12/31/16- DD born 9/10/16 at 24 weeks 
    ~In our hearts forever~
    BFP #2 10/14/17, EDD 7/1/18

  • Apparently even millions of celebrities are pregnant too  :D
  • Like others I abandoned social media the moment I found out I was going to miscarry.  It has been incredibly helpful for my mental health.  

    Me 36 DH 34 - Married May 2010
    DX: PCOS/Unexplained Infertility/MTHFR Mutation
    TTC since December 2014
    Fresh Transfer: Gonal, Menopur, Cetrotide. ~ Chemical Pregnancy :(  
    FET #1: 1st Beta- 3,792~ 2nd Beta- 4,227~ BFP ~ Miscarriage at 8 weeks :( 
    FET #2: 1st Beta 207~2nd Beta 235~ BFP~ Miscarriage at 6 weeks :(
    FET #3: 1st Beta 18~ 2nd Beta 44~BFP~ Miscarriage 5 weeks :(
    FET #4: 1st Beta 50~ 2nd Beta 97.7~ Miscarriage 6 weeks 5 days :(
    FET#5: 1st Beta 29~ 2nd Beta 109~ 3rd Beta 227~ 4th Beta 661~ Miscarriage 5 weeks 3 days 
    Miracle Natural BFP Estimated Due Date June 2019~ God is good 
    2 snow babies 

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