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I tested positive for toxoplasmosis and I'm 20 weeks along. I'm so scared and now I'm being sent to an ultrasound specialist in order to check on the baby. Has anyone else dealt with this? 

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  • I'm sorry you are dealing with this. How scary.

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  • Oh I'm sorry. Thoughts and prayers with you and baby for quick recovery for you and no effects to baby. I don't have any experience myself. 
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  • I haven't ever heard of it happening! I mean, I've heard of it, but I haven't seen anyone test positive for it. Fingers crossed everything goes well for you <3 
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  • Oh no!  No experience here, but thoughts and prayers for both you and baby!  Do you know what the igM and igG numbers are?  It could indicate a previous infection or a current one.  
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  • Oh that is scary. I hope everything turns out ok.
  • @Nolegirl1185 my levels were apparently high at 7 weeks and they never said anything. Negative igG levels and igM was 125 at 7 weeks. At 20 weeks igM level was 67.
  • @mnevers obviously not a Dr. over here, but from what I have heard and read in the past it is good to have negative igG levels.  Having negative igG and positive igM can be a false positive. Were the igG levels still negative at the 20 week test?  They can check the baby through your amniotic fluid if that is something you are interested in doing.  If the baby has the igG antibody then he/she does not have toxoplasmosis, if they baby has igM then he/she does...however, other infections can cause a false positive for toxoplasmosis so there is still the posibility that is may not even be toxoplasmosis.  I hope you get answers soon, please keep us updated.  Sending prayers!!
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  • @Nolegirl1185 igG levels were still negative at the 20 week drawing and I've heard about the false positives. I've kept infections whether it be bladder or yeast this entire pregnancy so I'm very hopeful that it's something else throwing my antibodies into action! Thank you sooo much for everything, it's helping me feel more at ease. After the more in depth ultrasound(checking for calcifications or fluid on the brain) they may offer an amniocentesis and I may opt to do that. 
  • IgMs are the initially made antibodies, and IgG are the long-lasting ones that can be passed onto baby across the placenta. IgG means you've been exposed at some point in time and your body felt it was a big enough threat that it needed its own defence army against it (the IgGs), IgM means you've been exposed relatively recently. If you have a positive IgG and a negative IgM, it's likely that you were exposed a long time ago. 
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