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What are your favorite flowers?

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Re: Fun GTKY

  • Is it weird I don't really like flowers that much?! Like not inside my house...I had baby's breath for my centerpeces at my wedding! Does that count?

    But wild flowers outside without rhyme or reason!!
  • i love blue bonnets!! But my favorite flower of all time are bright yellow roses!!! They are so hard to find unless you get them at a real florist so they are by FAR my favorite. 
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  • Pink roses and long stem white calla lilies.

  • Irises, Lillies and Tulips

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  • Peonies!!
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  • Garden roses and peonies are the prettiest and lilacs smell the best.
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  • Peonies and roses!!  
  • Day lilies have been favorites for awhile
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  • FishyMom said:
    i love blue bonnets!! But my favorite flower of all time are bright yellow roses!!! They are so hard to find unless you get them at a real florist so they are by FAR my favorite. 
    YES I love the bright yellows! Sometimes my H brings home the pale ones and hopefully I don't look disappointed, but the bright ones are the best! Its sweet though that he does. 

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  • +1 for orchids!
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  • I love sunflowers. My wedding flowers were sunflowers and blue hydrangeas, and now that's my favorite combo. Tulips are a close third. I'm a Netherlands junky. 

  • I'm not one for cut flowers but if there were two I miss in their natural habitat it would be wisteria and pieris. Neither will grow where I live now :(
  • Lily of the Valley and tulips!
  • I love sunflowers and peonies!  They both make me so happy.  I'd love to plant a backyard full of sunflowers.

    Andplusalso, seeds for snacking. 

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  • +1 for peonies. I had them in my wedding, and they were so lush and gorgeous. Close second is Gerbera daisies. In my early 20s, when I was first living in NYC, I would buy myself one if something went well- an audition, interview, date- and walk around with it sticking out of my bag. 
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  • Roses and lilies are my favorite. 

    @scifichick09 I think it's adorable that your husband knew your favorite flowers before you did! It's funny how they can be so perceptive about stuff like that!
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  • Ranunculus and peonies for mainstream lovelies.

    The lotus because sometimes beauty grows out of mud.

    But my *favorite* flower will always be dandelions. They pop up so bluntly wherever the hell they want, they get a bad rap for being a "weed" even though they're just trying to provide random beauty, and they have the prettiest golden yellow hue that turns into wispy puffy cuteness when it's time for them to spread their seed. They are so misunderstood and I get protective over them. 
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  • I don't really care for flowers all that much but if I had to pick one I would say calla lilies. I loved the deep purple ones I had in my wedding bouquet! 
  • We have a good sized plumeria outside and I love the way it smells. 
  • @marriedhamstermom I mean...I'm not trying to AW my husband or anything...but he is basically the sweetest thing ever and knows way more about me than I do lol

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  • I don't really have a particular flower that I like, but I love purple flowers in general! I also got these gorgeous flowers from my department for School Psychology Awareness Week last week! (Don't mind my messy work desk lol)
  • Peonies are my favourites & had them as my wedding flowers but since theyre not in season for very long i tend to go for roses as i love having fresh flowers in my kitchen. I also love hydrangeas
  • +1 to ranunculus 

    Chrysanthemums and spray chrysanthemums. And kowhai. I also love the smell of lilacs. 
  • I hate red roses @MrsDramaK & only ever buy pink or orange ones. 
  • Daffodils and tulips. I also do enjoy roses and peonies as well. I enjoy flowers in general although I don't care for carnations. 
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  • I love orange roses, or any color hydrangeas! 
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  • I love orange blossoms, honeysuckle, and magnolias. They all just smell so good!
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  • I love tit all the posts because I love tit all the flowers! 

    My wedding flowers were blue hydrangeas. I keep trying to grow a hydrangea bush but I suck at keeping things alive. I love hyacinths in the spring and mums in the fall. I love roses all the time and sunflowers in the summer.  All. The. Flowers.  

  • Gerbera daisies! 
  • I love so many flowers it is pointless to name them all because it would just get dumb. Many +1s for many mentioned above!
  • +1 to loving all flowers! my wedding bouquet was white roses and white lillies. Lillies are my favorite flower but I love all flowers :)
  • Im a white rose gal but I love all flowers 

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