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Headache help!

Hi everyone!

I'm a FTM, about 4 weeks, 5 days in. I am seriously struggling with headaches and trying to figure out what I can do to get them under control. I am someone who suffers from migraines on a normal basis and take a combination of rx Naproxen and Sumatriptan to get rid of them. I know that Naproxen is a definite no no while pregnant and Sumatriptan is listed as a "class c" drug, which may or may not make it dangerous. (I do not want to take this risk)

I tried taking Tylenol but it does literally nothing for me. I am on day 5 of this headache with no relief in sight. It's making me shaky and sick. My first doctor's appointment is not until December 2 (6 weeks+1)

If you are a headache sufferer like me and have found something that works and is safe, please share! Thanks so much everyone!
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Re: Headache help!

  • Cold compresses and peppermint oil worked for me in the early weeks. Also, make sure you're drinking LOTS of water - 80oz per day at least. You need extra fluids for making more blood volume so you will get dehydrated earlier. I also recently found that Excedrine makes a product called "tension headache" which has only the tylenol and caffeine in it. So, if you're ok with caffeine, then it's made a huge difference for me! Good luck. I don't deal with diagnosed migraines but I get major sinus headaches and they're killer.
  • I normally take sumatriptan and Advil, and since pre-ovulation I've avoided Advil. I talked to my OB and they say sumatriptan is now considered okay to take as a last resort (if Tylenol or fioricet, which also has acetaminophen, don't work and you're in serious pain). A fairly big study recently came out that said exposure to sumatriptan in the first trimester did not have adverse effects, but of course more research needs to be done! My view is it could be worse in the long run to experience a migraine than to take a dose of sumatriptan, but I understand you not wanting to take the risk. I'd try fioricet if you really don't want to take the sumatriptan. For me it dulls the migraine for awhile. You will get through this!
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  • Following (does that work in this format?) - I'm about as far along as you and while I've only had one manageable headache so far, im bracing for some debilitating migraines in my near future - Didmt have ms, but did have some bad migraines my first trimester with my first kid. 
  • I had one weeklong headache where I needed to take excedrin and it was okayed by my ob. Call your doc and see if you can get an approved list since you have headaches all the time. Caffeine works wonders on mine, as well as a head massage. 
  • Thanks everyone! My doctor called in a prescription for Tylenol 3 (with codeine) for me. I took one and it still did nothing!! By the 6th headache morning I had a cup of coffee as soon as I got up and thankfully that did the trick! Phew!
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  • I suffer from migraines as well.  Fortunately I don't get them often during pregnancy, but when I do, I take Tylenol with either a Pepsi or Coke.  The caffeine helps relieve the migraine and the carbonated drink helps with the nausea.  

    I'm glad you were able to get relief from the coffee.  
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