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3rd Trimester

Insight into Pepto Bismol concern while pregnant

So I was getting major heart burn. When I ran out of Tums, which did absolutely nothing for me anyway, I saw pepto bismol caplets in our medicine drawer and took a couple. They actually worked. That should've been my first clue to being cautious (the meds you can take during pregnancy rarely work in my experience). I took the caplets for weeks, on average a couple of times a night, before I was looking up another OTC drug to see if I could take that drug. For sh**s and giggles I decided to look up pepto bismol. I never would've guessed that it wouldn't be safe, as I see it as a Tums equivalent. I called my OB. They said it's on their "do not take" list and they suggested I ask my high risk OB too. I called him and he seemed to think it was somewhat of a silly question. I told him, "Well, it's a class D drug." He looked it up and said I'll be fine. Nevertheless I stopped taking it based on conflicting guidance. Knowing that, my high risk OB suggested that I take one Pepcid AC pill twice a day as a preventative measure for acid reflux, which would seriously burn my throat at times. It was painful! In any case, I just had my son. He's perfectly healthy. Hope this puts moms at ease.
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