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Okay so I am 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant. My doctor had asked me if I wanted to do a DNA diagnostic test at 10 weeks to see if my baby is at risk for any birth defects. I agreed and he gave me the paperwork to go draw blood on 12/2/16. I was reading online about the test and heard that you can also find out the gender through the DNA testing. Has anyone done this before and found out the gender? Was it accurate? I didn't know about this before hand so I didn't get a chance to ask my doctor about it. Will they automatically know through my blood work what I'm having? I'm super anxious to find out. I have 3 boys and hoping for a girl

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  • I had the materniti21 test and it told me I was having a boy. I believe it is accurate because it looks for an x or Y chromosome. However, if you got pregnant right away after having a baby I think it is not as accurate because you may still have some of the first baby's DNA in your blood and it may pick up that DNA.
  • I had the Panorama test done at 10 weeks.  This test could also determine the gender same as the poster before mentioned.  I chose to find out.  Its a girl!
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  • My office uses the Harmony test (at 10 weeks) and you can choose whether or not to have them check for gender. We found out with our first but decided not to this time around. 
  • Yes, you will know the gender because they actually view the DNA of the baby. You have to ask for the test specifically though because even with the NT u/s scan they will draw blood. 
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