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Selling Stash.

I have not been a member here very long but when I started cloth diapering I learned a lot from this forum. I used cloth diapers part time.  I have a huge stash that I need to sell but before I post it I was wondering what all info I need to include.  Do I need to take pics of each diaper or just the stash as a whole?  I have a variety of diapers, covers, and some wool. Thanks in advance for your help. 

Re: Selling Stash.

  • I would start by taking a stash shot of everything you want to sell. When I'm doing diapers, I take a photo of fronts, inners, and bums (for patterns). For covers I would take additional photos upon request. For wool I would photograph front and back for additional photos. I take closeup photos of any flaws. I also make sure to state how long the diapers have been in my possession, if I'm the first owner, and the amount of use and size of my stash so that people can gauge wear on their own terms. I sell online, so this is the information I try to include. 
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  • Agree with previous poster. i purchase used frequently, i like a good shot if elastics, and mention if any are relaxing 
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  • Thanks for your help. I will be posting them soon.
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