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PGAL Check-In - Week of 11/21/2016


Next milestone/appointment? 

Rant/Rave/Anything else: 


GTKY: Favorite Thanksgiving dish?

Also, came across this and thought you'd all appreciate the pic as I did:

Re: PGAL Check-In - Week of 11/21/2016

  • I'm loving all these rainbow photo shoots that have been popping up lately. It's absolutely amazing to see such openness about losses. I'm so tired of it being such a taboo subject and these brave and beautiful women are making such a positive impact by allowing their journeys to be known. Thank you for posting that lovely article.

    Vincent is 3w4d on the outside. I'm still kind of in a weird state of disbelief that I have this amazing little life that I'm now responsible for. Sometimes I just stop and stare at him and have to convince myself that I'm really holding him and not just dreaming.

    Little V is such a momma's boy right now too! The other day DH was holding him while I showered and he was just inconsolable. Nothing worked to calm him down. Once I got out of the shower and dressed DH handed him back off to me and he almost instantly settled down and just snuggled into my chest. It's frustrating and amazing at the same time. We got lucky this morning tho and DH got baby snuggles for 2 whole hours while I got some much needed extra sleep.

    Speaking of sleep... Now I'm off to bed! Goodnight ladies!
  • Weeks: 40w 2d

    Next milestone/appointment?  My next appt is an NST tomorrow.   I had one last Friday.   Baby looks great.   I'm contracting a ton and hard.   But then my cervical check showed nothing.   Baby is still high and I am barely dilated a fingertip.   So no membrane sweep. 

    Rant/Rave/Anything else:  I'm ready for baby to come, sick of work,  and stressed about Thanksgiving coordination/family coming to town.   

    Questions? Is anyone else left?? 

    GTKY: Favorite Thanksgiving dish?  I love it all!
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  • I just posted a long update in the signs of labor post,  but I think today will be the day!   Yay! 
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