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PGAL Check-In 11/21

How far along are you? 

How big is baby? 

Appointments this week?

How are you feeling emotionally/physically?


GTKY: for U.S residents: thanksgiving plans this week? Non U.S. residents: doing anything fun this week to get your mind off your worries? 

Re: PGAL Check-In 11/21

  • How far along are you? 19 weeks 

    How big is baby? 

    Appointments this week? 
    8 more days until anatomy scan! 

    How are you feeling emotionally/physically? 

    Physically I experienced shortness of breath and heart pounding this weekend that scared me a little. Otherwise feeling pretty good. The anatomy scan can't get here fast enough but emotionally I'm doing well. Just anxious for those anatomy scan results. 

    Love that I'm feeling hopeful enough to be truly excited with my brothers and grandparents this week when I see them for thanksgiving. None of them have seen me since I got pregnant again. 

    GTKY: for U.S residents: thanksgiving plans this week? Non U.S. residents: doing anything fun this week to get your mind off your worries? 
    Visiting my family for thanksgiving. It's only a two hour drive which is nice. Going to have a houseful and make the usual thanksgiving fare. 
  • How far along are you? 21w4d

    How big is baby? An endive 

    Appointments this week? I had a early screening glucose test this morning and tomorrow is our echo scan. For me this scan is now the "big one" to pass. At our previous scan with the MFM he said he didn't think anything bad would show up on the echo scan, but I'm still a little nervous. If we pass tomorrows scan, we'll be buying a new crib for him :) 

    How are you feeling emotionally/physically? I feel really great. Aside from being chunkier than I would like, I feel good.

    Rants/Raves/Questions: I'm drawing a complete blank for this weeks GTKY thread :) 

    GTKY: for U.S residents: thanksgiving plans this week? Non U.S. residents: doing anything fun this week to get your mind off your worries? Going to my inlaws, they live about 40 mins from us. It should be pretty uneventful and very boring. 
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  • Brief recap, I don't come here as often as I would like. Two back to back mmc at 10 weeks after seeing heartbeat both times-this is my third pg and hopefully our rainbow!

    How far along are you?

    How big is baby?
    The size of a Pomeranian

    Appointments this week?
    Today at 4pm, last appt. (last week) I was 1cm dilated and baby was fully engaged (dropped to my pelvis), we will see where she is now.

    How are you feeling emotionally/physically? I am extremely uncomfortable, working from home this week. It's hard to get up, out of bed and move in general. But excited for her to arrive. She keeps kicking me on my side, enjoying every last kick.

    Rants/Raves/Questions: Don't lose hope, it's ok to feel lost/angry/anxious but also celebrate every milestone and good scan. I had soooo many scans and blood work/tests and held my breath at every one of them. I am still nervous about delivery but I make a point to celebrate every little kick and now labor signs. 

    GTKY: for U.S residents: thanksgiving plans this week? Non U.S. residents: doing anything fun this week to get your mind off your worries? We can't go very far, we are doing a friendsgiving with some coworkers. I will bring some stuff, but they will do most of the cooking.
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  • @queenklau thanks for giving us all an encouraging post :) 38 weeks, congratulations!
  • Just got back from the echo scan and everything went great! The MFM graduated me from high/high risk to low/high risk, lol as a regular AMA patient. I'll have two more checks with him at 28 and 34 weeks. We are going to celebrate with pizza and buying the baby's crib. 
  • @Bok Bagok yay! Congrats! Thats great news! 

    @queenklau thank you also for your encouraging post. Always good to hear from the mamas who are almost there! Update us when your rainbow arrives! 
  • 1inthehopper1inthehopper member
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    TW: bad Panorama results

    Little update on me:  as I posted last week after finding a cystic hygroma, my Panorama test came back high risk for Trisomy 18. I've been referred to a specialist about 3 hours away from us. That was Thursday. Unfortunately I've been getting the run around from scheduling at that hospital and haven't been scheduled yet.  I'm so frustrated I was in tears the last time I called them. Waiting 4 business days to get a call saying when my appointment is is ridiculous. We have to travel 3 hours to get there, we both work full time, have to arrange care for DD, and we had to cancel our thanksgiving plans.  Thankfully my OB's office will be calling them again this afternoon. All this waiting is driving me nuts. I'm afraid if they don't get me in this week it will be too late for CVS and too early for amnio and I'll have to wait another week or two just for the test.  Anyway, fingers crossed they call this afternoon and I get seen tomorrow or Friday. 
  • @1inthehopper I'm so sorry the hospital is giving you the run around with the scheduling. You would think they would be all over something like this and get you in asap especially since, like you mentioned the time frame for CVS is coming to an end. Once you do get scheduled, I'm assuming you'll opt for getting the FISH results for the initial results and then wait for the full karyotyping? I didn't have CVS, but an amino, the amino was no big deal, I'm assuming the CVS would be similar. Thinking of you. 
  • @1inthehopper I'm so sorry too. That doesn't make sense to me. Thinking of you as you work out your next steps. Hoping they'll see you tomorrow! 
  • Update:  yesterday afternoon the hospital finally called and I have an appointment for what they called "genetic counseling" on Monday afternoon. I asked if any testing or other appointments were scheduled and she said no I have to see the dr first. At least it's a start. I'm hoping once I'm there and "in the system" things will go more smoothly. Hoping for some info/answers and a plan. 

    Thanks again for all your support- hope everyone is having a good Thanksgiving 
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