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American Thanksgiving week appointments!


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  • I had my 1hr GB diabetes yesterday along with urine and blood test. Also, I got my Rhogam and TDAP shots. Looks like I'm low on iron so I have to take iron tablets now. I also failed my 1hr test so I gotta do my 3hr test at some point. I don't know when to do that but I'm thinking we'll probably do it soon? All in all, the 28th week appt sucked.
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  • My appointment today was a little on the frustrating side too. It was scheduled for 10:15, i sat until 12:00 before seeing anyone. The consultant did my ultrasound rather than a tech & the baby is measuring big, which in itself isnt cause for concern but im now a lot more anxious about delivery. They also now want me to do the glucose tolerance test to be sure, though my blood & urine samples were both good today.
  • ****Possible TW******

    I had posted about this on weds, but it got eaten during maintenance. I went in for a follow up u/s to check on a low lying placenta on Wednesday. The placenta had moved, but my amniotic fluid was low. They brought me into the hospital on Thursday to check again and for an NST. My fluid was still low (AFI of 6.2). I technically don't qualify for a diagnosis of oligohydramnios but it's close and she has way less fluid than she should for GA. 

    I have another NST today and then should see the high risk specialist for a level 2 u/s on Monday. According to Dr. Google this could lead to really bad news. Best case scenario they continue to monitor closely and she is able to tolerate the low fluid until she's safe enough to deliver. However, she could also have a serious birth defect with a poor prognosis or placental dysfunction that means she may have to be delivered sooner than later.

    I'm trying to stay positive but am absolutely devastated. The waiting game is killing me. 
  • @lemieuxk the waiting has got to be terrible. I know it's hard but try to stay positive! FX for you!
  • @lemieuxk I hope everything turns out okay. So sorry you're having to deal with this stress and anxiety. Thinking of you!
  • @lemieuxk I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through. FX you and baby will be perfectly fine up until the day you deliver and onwards. I'll be thinking of you. Keep us updated!
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  • @lemieuxk I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope you and baby are okay. Sending good thoughts your way.
  • Thinking of you @lemieuxk. Keep us posted. 

  • @lemieuxk hopin that everything goes well on monday for you too & you continue with a healthy pregnancy!
  • @TeacherMom2517 thank you so much for your response! You perfectly described what this experience has been like for me, particularly feeling as though my husband wasn't able to understand the anxiety and grief I was experiencing. I really appreciate your taking the time to share your experience. Here's hoping both our numbers stay good and we are celebrating happy and healthy births in a few months!
  • I spent the night before Thanksgiving in L&D for back pain and constant Braxton Hicks.  Turns out I was dehydrated and have been over doing it.  So thankful that it wasn't anything serious but still scary.  
  • @lemieuxk hope everything goes well at your appointment Monday and you get good news!
  • @lemieuxk I'm so glad the numbers are looking better! I hope they continue to improve and you have a happy healthy baby in a few months ;-)
  • @lemieuxk  I'm SO happy your numbers came up! Hopefully things go well on Monday, and in either case, keep us updated! Drink that water!! It's hard when you know DH means well, but you just want to totally fall apart and have everything be made all better! Here's to happy and healthy babies!!! 
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  • had an ultrasound and midwife appt on the 22nd.  The ultrasound was to follow up on a low lying placenta. Unfortunately, it still is laying low, so I have another follow up next week to check. If it hasn't moved by then, I may have to schedule a C-section. I also scheduled my rhogam (spelling?) shot and glucose test.

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