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Weekly Appointments Thread: 11.21 - 11.27

Still going to the doctor? Post your OB or Pediatric visits here!
Married: 08.05.11
Welcomed baby girl: 06.10.14
Second pregnancy EDD: 06.16.16 MC: 10.29.15
Welcomed baby boy: 11.25.16

Re: Weekly Appointments Thread: 11.21 - 11.27

  • Now, at the overdue point of my pregnancy, I have an ultrasound Tuesday to check and measure all the details of the little guy. I'm hoping they are willing to renegotiate their decision to induce Thanksgiving night, which would only be 40+6 for me... or that he comes on his own before that.
    Married: 08.05.11
    Welcomed baby girl: 06.10.14
    Second pregnancy EDD: 06.16.16 MC: 10.29.15
    Welcomed baby boy: 11.25.16
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    I have an appointment today (40w3d). I'm going to see if they will do a membrane sweep but I know last appointment they said they don't do anything if you're not at a certain point but maybe being overdue now they will try. Like other times I didnt think I felt a lot of movement Sat/Sun and then last night he did his own rendition of Thriller or something for about 15 min just to be like yep mom I'm still here and dancing. Sigh. every once in a while I think maybe I have a slow leak but then I realize it is always just after going to the bathroom and I don't have it other times. 

    Edit: Back from my appointment, the Dr. did the sweep. I was only at 1cm but she said as long as she could reach she could do it. She said she's been told she has Pitocin fingers LOL!! I have a pretty high pain tolerance but it was very uncomfortable, she kind of did it twice it seemed and finally I was like "wow that is unpleasant" and she said ok that's good then. Said she tried to stretch too but couldn't quite get the other finger in there so stretch but at least the sweep part happened. 

    Out of the whole practice there has been 1 Dr I didn't care for and he is on call from tonight at 6pm to 6pm Tuesday so I'm thinking this kid will arrive during that time haha
  • I have my induction scheduled for Wednesday. I am excited and anxious at the same time. Does anyone have experience having epidural with induction ? At what point did you get epidural ?
    But of course I still have hope that labor could start on its own tonight or tomorrow.
  • @zoefer with DD (my first) I was induced and made it to 4 cm before asking for an epidural. It wasn't that bad pain wise however and I always regretted not waiting longer. However... now that I'm done having two and have a comparison I have a new perspective. With DD I got the epi at 4 but then had to wait a few hours to fully dialate. By that time the numbness had receded enough to push effectively and made for an easy delivery. Pain was still manageable just a lot of pressure. With DS born yesterday labor progressed very quickly and I was at 7 before I asked for the epi. By the time I got it I was at 9. When it came time to push I was still so numb it made pushing difficult and therefore took longer because I had less control. No pain but exhausting.
    anyway, that's my two cents ;)
  • @rspalding001 So would you say that it is possible to go through an induction without any pain meds? I delivered my first naturally without any meds, but am scheduled for an induction this time around and really am not comfortable with taking any meds. I just don't know what to expect...
    Married: 08.05.11
    Welcomed baby girl: 06.10.14
    Second pregnancy EDD: 06.16.16 MC: 10.29.15
    Welcomed baby boy: 11.25.16
  • @sandnstarsnj the use of pitocin in induction makes contractions stronger and closer together. They can be more painful as a result. It's totally possible to still do it without pain meds but it will in general be a more intense experience.
  • @rspalding001 thank you very much for your answer. congrats on your baby boy !!!
  • Had my 39 week appt today. 3cm and 50% effaced. I asked my ob about how far after due date she considers inducing labor. My due date is Sunday and I have an appt next Tuesday which would be 40 weeks 2 days. She said if I make it to that appt we will schedule an induction date at that point. Really hoping to go on my own by this weekend since my ob is on call Saturday into Sunday. Good luck to everyone currently in labor :)
  • Had an appt today at 39+2. Had some significant pressure, cramping and painless contractions for a few hours last night. I was hopeful, but turned into a whole lot of nothing. Baby is definitely lower. 
    Today I was 2 cm. but still pretty thick. That was an improvement from "high and closed" a week ago. Dr. said STMs sometimes don't thin out until active labor and wasn't concerned. 
    Logistically, I'm hoping baby comes in the next few days. I've been bouncing/rocking on my yoga ball quite a bit and squatting multiple times a day. My aunt does reflexology, so she's gonna massage my feet tonight. 
    Here's hoping for an outside baby soon!
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  • 39+6 and super disheartened FTM. Cervix is very soft but high and closed. If one more jackass tells me that "statistically you go late with your first" I might murder someone. I've been on raspberry leaf tea + evening primrose oil since 37 weeks, I've gone to acupuncture bi-weekly/weekly since before we conceived (including a particularly aggressive session yesterday) and I am squatting and bouncing and doing yoga daily. 

    I guess I just take this as a lesson in patience from my daughter and try to relax!
  • 40+6 today. 2cm and 50% effaced. Had a NST and ultrasound to check heart and fluids, both good. We found out that dd is occiput posterior which may be why haven't progressed as much as we'd like. Membrane  stripping scheduled Friday and induction for Monday night. I, like a lot of ya'll, am hoping I won't make it that long.
  • Babe had an appointment. She's perfect! Already slightly over birth weight too which is great seeing as though she isn't even a week old. 

    So in love!

    All you overdue mums I get how hard it is to go over, but wait is so worth it! 
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