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Cold weather mamas...

What are you/did you take your babe home in?
We're in the 20s-40s pretty permanently now, and I was just thinking—her going home outfit is a cute long-sleeve onesie & pant set, but that's not enough! We can add some mittens and a hat. Still doesn't feel like enough. I've heard that you're not supposed to put them in a coat in the car seat. Are these any better—

Ahh! What do you think?

Re: Cold weather mamas...

  • We took him home in a long sleeve onesie, then footie pajamas, a receiving blanket, then a fluffy fleecy blanket. Oh, and a hat. My husband pulled the car up and heated it up a little, and we spent barely any time actually outside. 
  • We brought her home in a onesie, long sleeve shirt, toque, and pants with feet and put a blanket on top.   Now, since it is a bit colder, we have an older version of this: for warmth.  It just goes on top of the car seat so is safe.
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  • I wouldn't worry too much about it. Have hubby go down and warm up the car before you leave, dress baby and tuck a blanket around them and have hubby pull the car around. 
    You can also get a shower cap style cover (not one that routes through the straps and goes behind baby) for the infant seat. Common brands are the JJ Cole car seat cover (NOT the BundleMe) or the Cozy Cover. 
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  • We live in Maine. I have a long sleeve onsie and pant set, hat, socks and a fleece jacket. He'll be covered in his blanket as well.

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    we're just going the outfit, hat, and fleece blanket. i've been told the hospital won't let you leave with any sort of cover on or anything (like those JJ cole things) so we're not even bringing it. ANd I thought it wasn't recommended to use any of those coats/bunting things because then they're not as secure in the car seat as they would be in the onesie/pants outfits.

     I'm not concerned about the weather even though we finally hit a cold spell, we're going to go from the hospital into the car and we'll just make sure the car is a bit warm. 

  • It's not actually safe to use those buntings in the car seat because it doesn't allow your straps to get tight enough to safely secure them in. I love our bear suits, though and used them all the time for walks or anytime we'd be outside (used with DD1 - a Dec baby - it's not been cold enough yet to need one for DD2). 

    it was snowing when we brought DD1 home and we simply did a SS onesie, socks, LS outfit and pants with a hat and tucked a nice, thicker blanket all around her and she was toasty warm. I also think DH warmed the car first, but I can't remember. 

    I intended to get a shower cap style car seat but never got around to it and actually was fine without one. I justvalways did layers, hats, booties and a thick blanket. 

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  • Thanks for the input. We can pull right up to the door, so it makes sense to have him warm up the car and just do that! :)
  • We have a shower cap style cover, it gets to be -40 here, it's 10 degrees F today and will be chilly all week so we are bringing it with us for the walk to the car, even if it's pulled up to the doors!!
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