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Weekend sunshine

any fun or relaxing plans this weekend??

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Re: Weekend sunshine

  • It's snowing here! No sun to be had!
  • Our morning has been filled with tantrums and meltdowns. Once DS wakes up from what I hope is a damn 3 hour nap, we're venturing out to the mall to buy him winter boots and afterwards we're going out to celebrate my dad's birthday.
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  • Snowing here as well.  Brrr... 
    Went for a facial early, now to clean and organize for our house guests.  
    Tomorrow: intensive, one day birthing/labor class & hospital tour.
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  • Organized the house and worked on the nursery this morning. Now I'm resting, watching football, and working on the blanket for baby girl. 
    Tomorrow we're going to finish working on the house and nursery and prep some thanksgiving food, yay!
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  • Took the kids to DS best friend from school birthday party at a bowling/pizza place. The mom did a really cool thing that I might copy for my kids party next year. She asked everyone to bring a gender neutral gift(s) and then at the end of the party did a "gift swap" between all the kids with the birthday boy getting to choose first. The kids all picked wooden stick with numbers on them to see who would get to choose in what order. DS and DD lucked out bigtime choosing numbers 2 and 3. That way she didn't have to deal with buying a bunch of cheap crap to put in goody bags because each kid was already getting a gift. Plus they didn't have to add to the already crazy amount of toys they have at their house. The birthday boy handled it really well, he thought it was great that all the other kids were getting gifts too.

    @PerraSucia, how did your DS birthday party go today? Hope you guys had fun. I think someone else mentioned their kids bday party was today too, but I can't remember because my memory sucks even worse than normal lately. 
  • @PerraSucia, 26 kids?! Holy shit lol I don't know how you did it! The cupcakes are awesome 
  • @PerraSucia 26 kids?!? MOTY goes to you.
  • I was thinking the same- 26 kids!!! Yikes! I hope the party was at a kid party place (and not your home) so you could leave the cleanup for someone else!
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