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Hospital & OBGYN recommendations

I'm 8 weeks with our second little one. Our first we had at Grandview Hospital through my current OBGYN Stoneridge in Sellersville. I was not happy with the postpartum nursing staff at GVH, the CHOP doctor who botched my son's circumcision, and their lactation department. Plus I was even more dissatisfied with Stoneridge. The 4 doctors I had over my 3 days in labor and delivery pointed fingers at each other, and I felt like they were quick to induce which landed me in the OR for a c-section. 
This time around I'm considering the idea of switching practices and hospitals but I'd love some personal experience and opinions of care you received at GVH, doylestown, and abington. Plus who you'd recommend for OBs. My hopes this time is to have a natural/unmedicated VBAC, so this may weigh in on recommendations.

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