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Induction advice?

Hello! I'm new here, but I was due the fifteenth, I am now three days late and they're talking about induction and I really can't make up my mind on if I should let them or not. I had my membranes swept on Tuesday and I had fantastic contractions, but not consistent enough to go in, tried to take a nap and bam! Nothing. I've been having CX off and on for about three months and they've had to stop labor twice, but for the most part they've been pretty sporadic and lazy.

My ob isn't pressuring me to induce but does want to schedule an induction just in case, but needs to know how long I want to wait before doing so. I'm pretty sure she will let me go the whole 42 as long as baby is OK. I'm doing an most right now, so hopefully quick feedback is my friend!

As a side note, this is baby number six and she is my last, I have either been induced or had an augmented labor with all my others and kinda just wanted this to last as long as possible, within safety, before I give up pregnancy forever, which is why this is so hard for me. I'm in a lot of pain constantly because of severe sciatica agitated by pregnancy, but it's manageable with some mild pain meds and I love being pregnant despite this!

Re: Induction advice?

  • I'm not sure what you're asking other than wanting reassurance. Sounds like you're ok going to 42 weeks, and that will be my choice as well. My OB prefers to induce @ 41, but will allow 42 with 2x/week monitoring. 
    I was induced with DS and am really hoping to labor naturally this time. 
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  • I personally would wait til 42 weeks if Doc is okay with it   
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  • I've heard Zinger tea can help get it started and a friend of mine swears by a labor dance she found on youtube. She had her 3-yr-old daughter do it with her every day for a few days until she went into labor. 
  • It really depends on your personal situation. For example, there are concerns of macrosomia and shoulder dystocia with my baby, so we are inducing at 41w1d  (Monday). If you are comfortable with the  pros and cons associated with going to 42 weeks and also have a healthy baby and the dr approval, wait it out. I have a friend who waited it out and gave birth at 41&6, so almost 42 weeks. Her son was 9lb15oz and she birthed him naturally, no meds! He did end up in the NICU for a few days for meconium aspiration, but was otherwise healthy.

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