Pregnant after a Loss

Hello, please tell me feeling this way is normal!


Re: Hello, please tell me feeling this way is normal!

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    @keenad76 I'm so relieved and happy for you!!! I'm saying a little prayer for your rainbow baby!! Also, you should totally call that old OB and tell her off - I'm pissed for you! 
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    @keenad76 That's wonderful news!! So glad things are going well!

    @jen83mn thanks so much for your kind words. I've since told a few friends and close family and am getting excited and hopeful about it. Realizing that I have very little control (other than taking care of myself) over whether or not it sticks is difficult, but somewhat freeing. I'm going to try to take it day by day. Thanks again.

    MC 5W5D - 5/13/16
    MMC 9W0D - 2/16/17 - D&C 2/24/17 

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    Thank you all for your kind words. I'm 17 weeks as of today and me and baby are good! I am so grateful! Praying for you all going through similar situations. Always get a 2nd opinion.
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    @keenad76 yay! So good to hear an update from you and that things are going well! Thanks for stopping by to let us know, and thank you for your prayers! 
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