help !  I am at a complete loss with my 2nd girl.  Born at 28 weeks she spent 2 months in the NICU where she aced everything.  She did so well all the Drs were impressed with her textbook growth & progress.  The dr told us she had colic when she was discharged which I didn't think too much of but now at 6 mo this old (3 months corrected), things just don't seem to be getting any easier.  I have tried everything going as my 1st daughter was a bit colicky but this is just relentless.  Every feed almost has to be a dream feed because she makes so much fuss (screaming), she rarely poops without help (every 2/3 days cause of the formula she has to be on), and therefore she's not finishing feeds and is still hungry during the core night when by now she should be giving me a couple more hours sleep... That along with Gas & an 18 month old is sapping me of pretty much all life over here !! (I joke but also kinda not joking).  ANY TIPS AT ALL. Or, you know a bit if light at the end of the tunnel advice is very welcome.  


Re: Coliiiiiic

  • I'm so sorry you are going through this. When we left the NICU our LO was on BM and the neosure special preemie formula as well. She had a awful time with spit up and lack of poop as well. We used gas drops for the 2 feedings that she had the neosure and that seemed to help. We were able to stop the neosure and continue with pumped BM at 6 months and what a difference. She was not as gassy and was pooping more often which helped her tummy. I would talk to your ped and see if they can recommend s different formula. I hope things get better. 
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