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Irregular periods and other symptoms months after MC

I don't know what is happening with me... Before my miscarriage my cycles were always 31 days. After it was still the same a couple months.

Now however I keep getting my period sooner and sooner. Last month it was 29 days. This month it was 25 days. The bleeding is often short and light, sometimes stopping and coming back.

Yesterday it was bright red but very watery. Today I wake up and it is mixed with a ton of what looks like eggwhite CM. So my flow went from super watery to thick and sticky overnight.

Not only this, I've been having lower backpain, side pain, fotlr months now. I got an ultrasound which revealed a small cyst I had in July and is unchanged.

I now have borderline hypothyroidism and prehypertension (my blood pressure has always been on the low side). I am confused and upset and feel like I'll never get a baby. Because of the pain my partner for awhile wanted to wait to try, but I don't even know when I ovulate anymore. I am thinking of getting a thermometer soon.

Yes, I am going to doctor's appointments but they are spaced out weeks and weeks from eachother and if anyone has any insight or personal experience it'd be great to hear.

When pregnant I remember my progesterone being tested as very low which "told them something is wrong", did for some reason it just stay like that??

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Re: Irregular periods and other symptoms months after MC

  • Sorry you're having irregular cycles post-MC.  It is very common, and mine have been irregular as well - though I'm having the opposite problem of my cycles getting longer.  I am also hypothyroid and some other hormones are out of whack so I'm going to the RE next month for testing (also had low progesterone with both of my pregnancies).  If it continues and your OBGYN's not sympathetic, you may seek out a RE as well.  I would recommend temping and maybe using OPKs (if you don't already) to see if you are ovulating.  It's incredibly frustrating, and I feel your pain. 
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  • Thank you. I'm sorry you are going through something similar. I have an obgyn appointment in 3 weeks to discuss where to go from here. I'm hoping if I say "maybe my hormones are out of whack?" they'll know what to test.

    I thought all my issues were from a cyst but it doesn't seem like it would be over just a small unchanged cyst. I feel more hopeful things will get resolved but now I am worried if I do become pregnant I might lose it if there is a hormone problem. :(
    TW: Loss
    EDD: 1/14/2017 : Blighted Ovum : D&C @ 10w6d

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