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Anyone still wearing their baby? If so, what kind of carrier do you use and how do you wear them? We like to go to the mountains often and I think a carrier would be the easiest way to hike with LO

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  • Still baby wearing over here! LO is TINY (not quite 17 pounds), so she's easy to lug around. If she's feeling especially snuggly, I can still use the Solly Baby wrap. That's a major rarity these days because she likes to face out, so we usually use the Ergo 360. I'm curious to know if anyone else uses any a forward facing carrier and what they use. The Ergo KILLS DH's back for some reason (and I'M the one with the back problems), so I wanted to look at some other options. 
  • We're still baby wearing.  We use the ergo.  I haven't switched to wearing him on my back yet, but I need to soon, he's starting to get pretty heavy.
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  • I have a cheap Evenflow one that we stopped using a while ago bc babe's feet were turning purple when she was facing out. I was thinking about getting the ktan for the side position but now I'm rethinking that a back carrier is the way to go. Is anyone still using the ktan? 
  • I carry baby a lot and use the ergo 360.  I use it mostly with baby facing me on my stomach.  We've gone on many hikes that way and it has worked great.  We also were given a backpack baby carrier of the brand "sherpani" which seems meant for hiking.  We tried it but so far baby is not a fan of it.  She's fine for ~15-20 mins but after that she starts to slide sideways and be a bit uncomfortable.  I think she is still a bit too small for it.  Supposedly it's ok to use from ~9 months on but I guess it depends on the baby and his/her size, etc.  When hiking I've seen many parents with back carriers like the Sherpani and kids that looked more like 1-3 years old in them so we'll try it again in a few months and see how it goes... 
    The first 6 months with baby we used a moby wrap but it seemed to be too restrictive after about 6 months so we switched to the ergo at that time and have been pretty happy with it.
  • We use the ergo original, I wear him all the time! he faces toward me. I've tried wearing him on my back but it makes my back hurt. So comfy wearing him in the front facing me though. He's just over 20lbs 
  • I use a Fusion carrier. We don't use it a ton but sometimes when we go for walks. She likes to be carried somedays instead of the stroller so we always bring it just in case. 
  • I still baby wear a lot. We use the Ergo 360 and love it. If he's tired I have him face in to sleep otherwise he's front facing out or on the back. He LOVES being worn on the back. And it's nice if you unzip the hood before you put him in you can hook it if he falls asleep. 
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    Thanks for all of the suggestions! My LO loves to be held so I'm hoping he will like being in the carrier - I haven't done it in a couple months because he's a big baby. 
  • I have the LilleBaby carrier, which we really love. It is similar to the Ergo 360 but has a lumbar support and is a little cheaper. DH and I both find it very comfortable for carrying LO in the front facing both in and out, and on our backs (but I'm not good enough to get him there without help yet!). He weighs about 21 lbs currently. 

    Because DH is an avid hiker, we received a very nice external frame Osprey brand backpack. LO seems happy enough in it, but it is definitely less comfortable than the LilleBaby. Highly recommend!
  • I still baby wear several days a week, every week! When my little was smaller my go to wrap was a Moby. Now that she's bigger we have switched to a Tula. She's quite a big girl, 10 months and weighing in at 25 pounds. I can do a front or back carry. I like to use the back carry for walking and hiking. My little is very happy and comfortable in it and to me it feels like wearing a backpack.  She also loves her pack, she loves to be outside knows when she sees it that we are going somewhere fun ! This is my third child and the only one I have done baby wearing with. I cannot believe I didn't find this sooner! It has allowed me so much comfortable hands-free freedom. And the baby is so happy.
  • Still babywearing here, sometimes!  We have the Ergo 360 and I love it.  I haven't worn him on my back, yet, though.  Is it hard to manage?  Like, do you need someone to help you?

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  • I have major back problems, but I feel like just carrying Brynlee has made them worse. I have a great Graco double stroller that she hates... My son is 23 months and still needs a stroller much of the time, but while pushing him, carrying her is such a hassle. I haven't wrapped or worn her since she was a bitty baby, but I'm seriously reconsidering now as I've need to find realistic ways to handle both kids by myself and get out of the house! Based on this thread, I'm thinking Tula or Ergo 360, any opinions on which would be easier on my back? Which one will last us longer (size requirements) and be worth the money? 
  • Has anyone tried a ring sling? The side carry with that looks interesting to me as well. Good to know you can still comfortably wear big babies! Mine is 23lbs and it's so hard to hold him in stores and push a cart! (Will only tolerate shopping cart for about 15 minutes)
  • @mestokes I have several wildbird slings, they are beautiful and I love them, but hiking with them wouldn't be comfortable in my opinion. I use them for stores, strolls around the neighborhood and city walks, but for hiking we use our ergo 360.

  • I've been doing some research on baby carriers, and I found this article to be very helpful:
    Here's what I found for myself-
    I HAVE to have a carrier that offers the front-facing option. LO has decided she hates facing in. The only carriers (that I have found) that offer the front-facing option, while still being "safe" for their hips are:
    1. Ergo 360
    2. Baby Bjorn One (not the original Baby Bjorn)
    3. Beco Gemini
    4. LilleBaby Complete All Seasons
    Based on most of the reviews I have read, the Ergo 360 seems to be the best rated. I currently have the 360, and love it, but DH hates it (he says it pulls on his back), and I have been looking at other options. I'm probably not going to find anything better, so he'll probably just have to deal with it! If you have a bigger baby, the Ergo may not be the best option because it tops out at 35 pounds. But (like I said in a previous post), my LO is only about 17 pounds, so I have a feeling we'll be using ours for a long time!
    @KFrob, a lot of soft-structured carriers offer back, side, and front wearing all in one. 
    @BarrettJ89, The Tula has really high ratings, but doesn't offer front-facing, while the Ergo does. I don't know if that is a consideration for you, but that's the reason I didn't get the Tula. If your LO likes facing in, I would say go for the Tula. Most people I talk to LOVE theirs, and you can carry toddlers (on the back) up to 50 pounds. 
    Sorry for the LONG response, but as you can tell, this is something that I have put a LOT of thought into!

  • We are totally still wearing. It's easier on me to have her either front or back rather than killing one arm by trying to hold her on my hip. We have borrowed just about every carrier from our local lending library. My favorites are the Babyhawk mei tai and the Kinderpack. Man, I love the Kinderpack. I've practiced enough that I can get her on my back by myself, and even managed flying with just baby and no stroller this past Wednesday. I'll wear her until she's done, but right now she loves it. 
  • @BarrettJ89 My best advice would be to find a local baby wearing group, and try before you buy anything. I went in thinking I would love the Tula, but I hated it more than any of the others. Every carrier fits each person differently, so solely going on testimonials is not going to serve you well. I am really busty, and the feature that was most important once I started trying things out was that the shoulder straps need to adjust two ways for me. (I know Lillebaby and Kinderpack do this, but I'm not sure what else.) Having this means that I can get the buckles out of my armpits. It's a big investment. Try a lot before you spend that kind of cash. 
  • Yep! Using the Ergo Performance, I like the fit better than the original. We most back-carry because of her size now, but will wear on front if i'm feeling like it. We asked for a hiking backpack for Christmas, the Osprey Poco since we're hikers and plan on having more kids, too so it will get a lot of use!
  • We have the deuter 2 and love it! It can adjust from a small to extra large torso which was important to us since I'm 5'5'' and dh is 6'. Happy trails!
  • I have the ergo 360, and it looks like I'm the only one, but I hate it.  I don't hike but I've went for walks with baby in it and she hates it.  She does ok in it in stores because there are lots of distractions.  
  • We have been using our Tula, and just started back carrying (she sits upright, walks well, and is about 22lbs). My girl loves it! It's comfortable for me, so I have no complaints. 
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  • Still baby wearing here! LO loves being on my back and I can almost always count on a nap when he's in a ruck. I love our Lillebaby essentials for front and back carries. It took some practice, but I've perfected moving LO from a front carry around to a back carry in public and it's soooo easy!!! 
    We also have a woven wrap that I absolutely love!! A friend of mine owns Emmeline Textiles and I was lucky enough to snag a beautiful natty before her prices went up. It's our favorite!! 
    Our ring sling is probably my least favorite only because of comfort. But LO loves hip carries, which I find easiest with the sling.
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  • I baby wear using African way to wear baby...I've never owned any carrier...i  carry the her on back, side, front. I do household chores while u carrying  her around the house, in the mall, hiking...I've never had backache whatsoever. You can adjust the baby according to your comfort. 

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