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HDBD 11/16

Brynlee is 10 months old now! We played in the leaves for the first time and she loved it! 

Re: HDBD 11/16

  • Violet will be 10 months on Saturday! I can't believe how big our babies are getting!
  • 10 months on the 7th and we FINALLY got out first tooth this weekend! She was fussy and we thought it was due to being in leap 7, turns out it was a tooth! She wouldn't let me take a pic of it... 
  • Out wild child is 10 months old today. She has her third tooth pooping in and is walking all over the place. We were moving around our movies and she decided to go through them. Not very productive but cute. 
  • My 10 month old sweetie pie  <3
  • I am in love with our fall pictures.  <3
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