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Is Franciscan Health a good place to go?

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I just recently made an appt. with Dr. George at Franciscan Health Lafayette Central. Was this a good decision? I have tricare and this was the nearest place that took my insurance. I haven't gone yet, but I have called a few times to talk to a triage nurse for questions I had and they were very quick to get me off the phone and not very informative. I'm hoping the doctor will be nice and helpful and the issue is just the people I've talked to on the phone...has anyone had experience with this place before?

Re: Is Franciscan Health a good place to go?

  • I'm going to follow this because I'm moving to Lafayette in a couple months and am due in April. I've heard Franciscan Health is good. I think it is the one that used to be St. E's and it has level 3 ICU.

    I'm not sure on dr but I see other threads with drs listed. I feel like most offices the staff kind of stinks...been my experience but then good dr. You just need to get established and tell them what's up :) (Thought I left my last obgyn bc the office was a hot 20 drs/midwifes, lab couldn't get anything right, I said forget it and went to small office and love it).

    I have no clue who I'll go to here but I know I do plan on a doula!
  • Well that makes me feel better! Yeah I'm hoping it's just the staff and not the doctor. This is my first pregnancy so I'm just nervous... I will also only be here until February (my husband is a Marine so we'll be moving around February to his new duty station) so I guess if they aren't great then I won't be there the whole pregnancy (due in July) .. But yeah I've heard that the place is good but the phone calls just made me a little uneasy. 
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