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Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

Hey all! 

I'm hoping some of your more organized ladies might have some ideas to share. 
I'd like to give babies grandparents (and maybe great-grandmas) something personalized from him for Christmas but I can't decide what. I worry DIY might not work out with a wild 9-almost-10 month old, but I can't find anything I like online.
Any suggestions?
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Re: Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

  • Last year we gave personalized shutterfly ornaments with baby's picture, name, and the year on it. I'll obviously be adding Brynlee to their collection this year. We also gave them a framed family photo (they insisted). Nothing grand, nothing expensive. They wanted us to spend our money on the kids and not worry about them, but the pictures and ornaments are fun and even as years pass, the ornaments can still go on the tree :)
  • I'm attempting to make a picture book for them. Mostly of milestones and important dates. If it doesn't get to expensive!
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  • I second shutterfly. I'm kind of obsessed with shutterfly. It just makes everything so easy. I think we're going to make puzzles for everyone.
  • I'm thinking a photo of LO on a coffee mug for grandpa and maybe on a mouse pad for grandma since she likes her online shopping! Also from Shutterfly  :)
  • We're doing photo ornaments and framed photos for both sets of grandparents.
  • Oh! Also, you can make a photo book on Shutterfly! We did that for SO's grandmother and it was really easy, cheap, and we included our son's entire first year. She loved having all the pictures and milestones to show off to everyone. 
  • My mom wants me to make her a photo calendar so I'm gonna run with that idea! 
  • Agree with shutterfly picture books or picture calendar! They always have so many coupons so you can get really good deals! I think I'm going to do a "Graham's year in review" type book and I really like the idea of doing a calendar (maybe corresponding to a picture from each month of the previous yr)
  • Shutterfly is awesome. I'm doing a Blanket for my mom with pictures of all her grandbabies when they were all Under 1 year old with a cute quote. (Plus they are 40% off till Monday
  • Alex and Ani bracelets with LOs initial or birthstone. 
  • LO's going to paint his grandparents a picture!! 2-3 paint colors that go well on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper and place inside a ziploc bag. Seal bag and encourage LO to squish the paint around. Add paint as needed to cover the paper completely. Let masterpiece dry. Then frame and wrap :smile:
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