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Wednesday Ticker Change (11/16)

How far along are you? 

How big is baby? 

When is your next appointment? 

Symptom changes? 


GTKY: What was your favorite high school memory?

Re: Wednesday Ticker Change (11/16)

  • How far along are you? 26 weeks

    How big is baby? Kale

    When is your next appointment? Tomorrow morning for Glucose test and regular appointment

    Symptom changes? It's getting harder to sleep. So many aches and pains when laying down at night!

    Rant/Rave/Questions? I can barely zip my winter coat so I need to go get a maternity one and I'm just not looking forward to that at all...

    GTKY: What was your favorite high school memory? High school was a pretty crappy time for me. I was really depressed and in an unhealthy relationship so I can't really think of a good memory. 
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  • How far along are you? 
    27 weeks
    How big is baby? 
    Fennec fox!
    When is your next appointment? 
    Dec 16th, the first routine one (apart from the organ screen) that SO is here for. We might even take DD so she can see. Right now she requests baby ultrasound videos almost daily on youtube.
    Symptom changes? 
    Aside from my jerk piriformis muscle, I notice that I can't eat as much as before. Stomach volume has definitely gone down.
    Any good online videos for 2nd/3rd tri exercises? Yoga/stretch/relaxation/breathing.
    GTKY: What was your favorite high school memory?
    I loved my last year of high school. We were a class of 16, so we really got to know each other well, and they were all pretty cool in their own way. I can't think of anyone I wouldn't want to meet for coffee today.

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  • How far along are you? 26 weeks
    How big is baby? Kale or a bowling pin
    When is your next appointment? Next Tuesday, 1-hour glucose test and regular OB visit
    Symptom changes? Seriously gaining weight now. And some swelling
    Rant/Rave/Questions? Almost all of my classes are cancelled next week for Thanksgiving! We were only supposed to be off Thursday and Friday, but so many of my professors cancelled that I now only have one class on Monday and one class on Wednesday and that's it :)
    GTKY: What was your favorite high school memory? Probably just all of senior year. It was an easy year, we were the oldest, applying to university, I had no bills to pay, my parents bought all my food and did my laundry..all that fun stuff

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    How far along are you?  30 weeks 

    How big is baby? Zucchini

    When is your next appointment? Next monday I have to do the three hour test... blah

    Symptom changes? It is getting harder to bend over, also people say I waddle now :( 

    Rant/Rave/Questions? Nothing really, other than next week I have no work, yeah, being a teacher. Normally I go ski not sure what I will do since I cannot ski :( 

    GTKY: What was your favorite high school memory? Having all nighters with my friends playing things like DnD or whitewolf. Soo much fun, the only time my parents did not give me a curfew, because they were like what is she going to get up to in a basement full of nerdy kids playing DnD. 

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  • How far along are you? 26 weeks! 

    How big is baby? The size of a 7-11 Double Gulp.

    When is your next appointment? Friday

    Symptom changes? I'm so achy everywhere and I am sleeping like crap

    Rant/Rave/Questions? I invited my cousin to come spend the weekend this weekend and we've been planning it for 6 weeks and this week she was all like "Oh, are we still doing that?"  So I think she's trying to ditch, which is annoying cause I could have made other plans.

    GTKY: What was your favorite high school memory? OMG high school was such a roller coaster of emotions, but I did a 6 week trip to Israel the summer before my senior year, so probably just that whole experience.
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  • How far along are you? 
    25 weeks! Yay for viability!
    How big is baby? 
    The bump says a cauliflower
    When is your next appointment? 
    Nov 22
    Symptom changes? 
    having to pee like, constantly. Getting really achy in the back and hips.
     My 4 year old is having a sleep regression...waking up every couple hours and yelling/crying for me.  He won't sleep unless I am on the floor next to him, which as you can imagine, is not getting any easier as I get bigger.

    GTKY: What was your favorite high school memory?
    I went to a Vocational HS, and have so many amazing memories in shop. (I was in culinary/food trades). Senior year was awesome because I got to choose working on the bakery side so I got to make cakes and bake pies and cookies and stuff all year.

  • How far along are you? 28 weeks

    How big is baby? The size of a roller blade according to my app. He was 2 lbs exactly the last time we got a weight measurement which was almost 3 weeks ago.

    When is your next appointment? Friday

    Symptom changes? My sex drive came back this week! But so did my heartburn.

    Rant/Rave/Questions? The plumbing at my work is out so I'm sending my employees home but it's my job to deal with it so I get to stay here.

    GTKY: What was your favorite high school memory? It's really hard to pick. One of my favorites is a trip to New Orleans with my mom. Cheerleading competitions and trips, summer beach trips with my friends, just general getting into dumb stuff.

  • How far along are you? 27 weeks

    How big is baby? A deflated basketball. Sure looks pretty inflated in my stomach though. 

    When is your next appointment? Nov. 23...GD test and normal check up. 

    Symptom changes? I talked about SPD in the symptoms thread, but that's just getting worse, not really new. I tried going a few days without Zantac and totally regretted it. The acid reflux is getting more intense. 

    Rant/Rave/Questions? DH is super convinced this baby is coming early, and it's motivating him to work really hard on the house. I have done nothing to calm his fear because I love the increased progress. Further rave: our parking lot at work is really stupidly set up and it can be close to a quarter mile walk into work. At the start of third tri, I get a parking spot close to the door. One more week!!!! 

    GTKY: What was your favorite high school memory? Eh, nothing really. I started college at 16 so I didn't have much of a high school experience.

  • 29 weeks!! Crazy! time is flying!

    Acorn squash

    I'm at one right now - now I'll see them every 2 weeks. 

    Just feeling super large and waddly. 

    I need thanksgiving break. Bad!

    Football Friday nights with friends in the fall weather :) 
  • 27 weeks

    camping lantern

    Nov 29 for US, please placenta previa go away 

    general uncomfortableness, flaky skin no matter how much i moisturize, noticing more frequent heartburn

    No GD! Hallelujah

    Hard to pick one. I wish I had appreciated my HS more. I went to a super small international school. There were 42 in my grad class from all over the world. It was a really special place. I don't know how much I realized that then. 
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  • How far along are you? 26 weeks

    How big is baby? Kale?  Or something?  The sizes make no sense at this point.

    When is your next appointment? Not until December 1, at which point I become a human pin-cushion: TDAP, Rhogam, and glucose test.

    Symptom changes? Having more trouble sleeping at night, and feeling tons of kicks all the time.  Little dude is insanely active!

    Rant/Rave/Questions? I'm good!

    GTKY: What was your favorite high school memory? I was incredibly lucky to have a really positive high school experience.  I have tons of great memories and I don't think I could pick just one if I tried.
  • How far along are you? 
    28 weeks

    How big is baby? 

    When is your next appointment? 
    December 2nd - US and follow up with Doc
    We have slightly increased they are monitoring more frequently for now.
    Last week baby measured over 2lbs! 

    Symptom changes? 
    Feeling ginormous 

    Need the weekend!! My house is wrecked and I'm tired and fighting a cold :(

    GTKY: What was your favorite high school memory?
    I didn't really love HS I found it very angsty and clique filled. Senior year was a highlight though.  I started to really come into my own comfort level and just be happy with being myself and not in the cool cliques. I had a bunch of friends and my first 2 boyfriends that year. Oh and I went to Disney for the first (and only) time! 
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