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First pregnancy....depression

I'm 10 weeks pregnant, and it's been really hard for me. I constantly feel like I have some 24-7 bad hangover and just want to fall over and sleep. I'm completely depressed and don't know if I should see a therapist or talk to my doctor. Is it normal to feel depressed ? This is supposed to be a happy time but I feel like this pregnancy has made me numb and hollow inside. Does it change ? 

Re: First pregnancy....depression

  • I would definitely talk to your doctor and possibly even see a therapist.
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  • Depression in pregnancy and post party is common but not often talked about. Be easy on yourself and talk to your dr . I'm experiencing the same and hoping my mood improves soon after reaching out to family and dr etc .  
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  • I'm sorry that you're going through this- I am too. I've said "it's like having the longest hangover ever" several times. Tired, nauseous, headaches, food aversions. I also have a shoulder injury and have not left my house, aside from doctors appointments, in three weeks. It's taking it's toll on me for sure. Have you suffered from depression before? I was severely clinically depressed in high school but I've been okay since (27 years old now) until now. I'm here if you want to talk! 
  • I am sorry you are going through this.  I have felt the same since 6 weeks(9weeks now). I'm just hoping when the morning sickness lifts we will both start to feel better.  Right now I'm in the despair of being so sick and still trying to work.  I own a salon and have a full clientele. I'm so slammed due to holidays and can't call out sick.  I'm supposed to work crazy long days this week then get on a plane to visit my in laws which is awful even when I'm feeling 100%.  I feel as though my mental toughness is being tested and I'm teetering on failure.  I think it's normal to feel depressed but I am going to talk to my Dr. at my next appointment to see if she has any ideas in the way of support.  Hang in there everyone, we can make it! 
  • It's so much to process all at once! On top of all your emotions fighting with each other you get to feel like garbage all the time! What I'm saying is that you aren't wrong for feeling the way you do. I think it would be helpful to seek out someone for support. 
  • I highly recommend Sheryl Paul's work (see this blog post for an idea: and her home study course, Birthing a New Mother ( She was a lifeline for me during the marriage transition and is again now during the motherhood transition. Even if you don't buy the course, her blog is a lifesaver!
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  • I feel the same. I'm so happy about the pregnancy which I really really wanted and I can't enjoy it because I'm consumed with depression and anxiety worsened by nausea and general weakness. I have my first appointment tomorrow and I hope she can recommend something. I wish you the best and please know you are completely normal. This is a typical symptom due to the hormonal changes. 
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  • I'm with you! I have zero excitement and to top it off the day I found out, I fractured my ankle playing volleyball. I'm in a huge funk and when I'd normally turn to the gym or sports to make myself feel better, I can't even do that. Now I'm worried that by the time my ankle is better I'm going to be too big to do the things I enjoy. It's like, one of these things at a time I think I could handle, but not both at once. 
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