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Early anatomy scan question

Hi all, 

Due to some travel and work scheduling concerns, I just booked my anatomy scan for when I'll be 18 weeks 4 days. While the general rec is between 18 and 22 weeks, both my doctor and the ultrasound ppl advised that they prefer to play it safe and book it closer to 20 weeks and that I may have to go back--which I totally get and don't mean to be bratty, it's just a really awkward time with work and the holiday season. 

Does anyone have experience to share about an early anatomy scan? I'm not concerned about seeing the sex, more about all the analysis of the bits and pieces that's supposed to happen at this stage. Did anyone have to go back? And if so, what were the insurance/cost consequences? 

(All Google brings up are ladies VERY ANXIOUS to see the sex haha.)

Re: Early anatomy scan question

  • I had my anatomy scan with DS right around then, and we didn't have any problem getting measurements. I've since switched OBs and he wants everyone to wait until 22 weeks just to make sure everything has enough to form and grow. 

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  • I've technically already had an AS and I'm 18+3 today. I was 15 and 16 +3 at my ASs, since my MFM doesn't like to do all three babies in one session. I don't know how ASs usually work, and who does them, but my MFM seemed satisfied and didn't say anything about needing to do them again. 
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  • I had my anatomy scan at 18 weeks and the tech basically said that it's easier to see what they're looking at to get measurements when they're a little bigger. I had no issues with having mine done on the early side.
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  • If they said between 18-20 then you are going at the right time. Mine is scheduled for when I'll be 18+5
  • My doctor's office schedules all anatomy scans for 18 weeks (unless you have to push it off for whatever reason).  I had my scan with DD at 18 weeks exactly, they were able to see everything they needed to and tell me the sex as well, with no need to go back.  It will probably be fine.  (full disclosure: I had another scan at 26 weeks, which was unplanned and because my fundal height was measuring 3 weeks ahead at the time, and I did make them confirm the sex for me again because I was nervous that 18 weeks was a little early...haha).
  • I had my anatomy scan with DD at 18w1d and it was fine. I know sometimes cysts can show up earlier, that usually disappear by 20 weeks... So doctors prefer the later scans... But I never had that happen. This time, my scan was 19w4d and fine again.
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  • I had to have a repeat anatomy scan with both my pregnancies because they couldn't see everything the first time. I didn't mind the extra ultrasound but if scheduling is the issue you might end up having to go during the holiday time anyways. 
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  • Thank you all for these super helpful answers! It's such a reassurance to get first hand accounts :smile: I feel more confident in keeping this date and if they can't see everything so be it, but it doesn't seem out of the question that this will work ok!
  • I had mine at 18 weeks and had to go back, but so do plenty of people who go at 20. It's all about the LO's position. As for insurance, I figure I'm meeting my deductible this year no matter what so the extra cost didn't bother me, but technically it was another bill. 
  • I went at 18 weeks, 5 days with my son and they got everything they needed without any problems. 
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  • @cato99 I had my scan last week at 18+2. I didn't realize this was early because my doctor scheduled it then. I've had friends go at this time too.

    They were able to see everything and I don't believe I need to go back.
  • Regardless of when you get it done there is always a chance that baby won't cooperate and you will have to go back.  With DS our scan was right at 20 weeks and we had to go back because he was in a bad position and they couldn't get the views they needed.  Nothing to do with his size he just didn't want to play nice.  
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