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Transition to new house

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Hello ladies it's been quite awhile since I've even been on this board. We have put an offer in on a house here in our hometown across town from where we currently live. Our daughter is a little over 10 months old most likely 11 months by the time everything goes through and we move. Have any of you moved after having baby how did baby adjust to the new house? Also transitioning baby to her own room she's only ever slept in our room in her crib from day one so this will be the biggest transition for her to be in her own room but still very close to daddy and I seeing as it's just right across the hall from the master bedroom. She still sometimes wakes once a night crying to be comforted before she falls back asleep how did you transition baby to their own room was it hard. I kinda wanted to put her in the master for awhile till she adjust to the new house but her being In her own room will help in many ways. It will let me sleep more soundly hopefully seeing as I wake at every little noise she makes I'm a light sleeper. Also hubby and I will be able to have our privacy back to have alone time. As well as we wont have to tip toe around our room when we need in there or when hubby needs to get ready for work in the morning. 

Re: Transition to new house

  • I just transitioned my LO to her own room a few weeks ago. I transitioned and did CIO all in one shot. Before that she was sleeping in our bedroom in a pack n play. It was hard the first night just because I was so use to her being by my side for 10 months but she was fine. The second night I was loving it lol  I love having my bedroom back and to being able to do what I want and not having to worry about waking her. It may sound crazy but it's made a huge difference in my marriage also. Congrats on the new house! Good luck! 
  • We moved this April when my son was 16 months and baby was 3 months. The baby didn't really care, but it was harder on my son. The move wasn't even that rough on either of them, the packing was. He had a really hard time watching his things being packed up and disappearing. Once he saw that it was all here, in the new house, it wasn't so bad. As for sleeping, it may be a rough few nights, but spend as much time during the day as possible in the baby's new bedroom. Even leave them in their crib for a few minutes with the monitor on and baby awake (playing), that way as soon as they fuss, you can come right back. You're still there and still come back! Try to make everything about the crib the exact same as it was at the old house (sheets, blankets, toys, etc.).
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  • We just moved across town last month to a new house (with a yard!) The transition went pretty well for DD. She was already used to her own room though. I second the comment above about spending a lot of time in the new room to get them used to it. 
    Moving day was actually pretty difficult though. The schedule was WAY off, and she knew things weren't right. I'm not sure if I have any suggestions for that one. We obviously didn't do it right. 
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    I'm really interested in this one, we and planning on moving to a different house in the same community we are in now in about two weeks. I worry he will have a hard time, he loves his house, he gets over being other places, even my parents and we are there all the time. I just hope having all of his stuff and more room to explore will make him love it. 
  • @kodariah let me know how it goes you will be moving before us we are still awaiting our appraisal before we would get a closing date. Completely agree our daughter will stop crying as soon as she realizes we are pulling Into our house we live in now she just enjoys where we live now its all shes ever known really hope she can get used to a new place. I mean it will be an adjustment for all including us getting used to all new sounds and everything. Good luck with your move leave any tips you might get from your move 
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