Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

sleep pacifier and bottle

my son is going to be 17 months I am trying to get him to drink milk out of his sippy cup. He drinks everything else out of his cup except milk. He is still on formula but toddler formula I've tried giving him all kinds of milk he won't take it I've also tried mixing half and half slowly so he can get used to milk but most of the time he won't drink it the more I increase. Any advice? Also I want to get him to stop using pacifiers I mostly give it to him when he is whinging or sleeping. It soothes him and it's like a security thing when he sleeps. Also sleeping problem is he sleeps with my in the bed but when I'm gone most of the time he doesn't care which is good but in order for him to sleep I have to give him his bottle in bed shut off the light lay with him I started to give him a stuff animal he uses and I have to run his hair and face. How can I get him to sleep on his own? Is it too early? Also I just started working so in time I will buy him a bed because I don't know what crib he has to buy a rail for it.
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