Pregnant after a Loss

GTKY - 11/14

What are some of the things you'd do if you won the lotto? Let's say a small one of 5 million dollars! 

Re: GTKY - 11/14

  • Let's see--I'd buy a house with the space and floor plan I like, big enough to grow into. I'd own a vehicle that's less than five years old. I'd pay off my parents' house for them. Then I'd invest the rest and start a fund for each child. 

    I guess also if I had the time and inclination I'd possibly pursue my PH.D. 

    Oh one little fun one: I'd have a library and fill it with whatever books I wanted to own. 
  • I'd pay off our house and fix it up exactly how I dream. Then I'd also buy a house in New England with my little farm. It would be perfect to be snowbirds and travel back and forth between FL and NH. We'd pay off my inlaws house. Then find a financial planner to help figure out if there is anyway we could live off the rest with investments :)
    Wow that's pretty boring! I'm sure my younger self would have a more exciting answer. 
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