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What My Pregnant Self is Eating, 11/14

What's on your plates this week, ladies?

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Re: What My Pregnant Self is Eating, 11/14

  • Lots of food, lol...my appetite has grown tremendously. Spaghetti sounds great right now....I have a thing for white cheddar cheez-its....scrambled or hard boiled eggs...meatballs with cheese and sauce...and now my stomach is growling lol
  • All the soups. I've been addicted to every kind of soup lately. I think I've had some every day for about 2 weeks now.
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  • I have been eating constantly it feels like! This morning I had a strawberry, peanut butter, and oat smoothie, plus I just had second breakfast of a ham egg and cheese croissant with spinach. it is only 10 AM. 
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • We had our pre-thanksgiving weekend with my husbands family so I have allllll the leftovers. Sadly my stuffing was too big of a hit so it's all gone. I'll have to settle for all the other stuff. 
  • Ugh, I'm still eating all the Halloween candy.  I don't want to be but I can't stop.  Since we didn't have many (only 2) trick or treaters we were going through the candy I had opened for them.  We had another huge bag I was going to return but kept telling H I wanted to eat it.  Well after a few drinks Saturday night, he went out to the car to get it and opened it before I knew it.  So now I'm eating my way through another 4 lbs. of candy.  I need to stop!
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  • Buffalo chicken in any form.
    Oh yes, that too. I had a buffalo chicken burger from Harvey's yesterday and it was amazing.
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  • I made a cross between a sugar cookie and a snicker doodle this afternoon that DH and I will be snacking on over the next week XD

  • Yesterday's dinner was chicken and dumplings followed by a nice fresh apple crisp! 
  • Egg sandwichs or egg muffins

    Mom of one adorable little boy and excited to do this again.  

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  • Pickled eggs, which seems like SUCH a pregnancy cliche. I have never in my life liked the taste of eggs- cooked, runny, hardboiled, all of it ick. But if they're pickled, that masks the taste and I can pound those suckers. I have always had a really hard time finding them in the store, but last week I stumbled across some among the marinated artichokes, and I bought four jars. So that's my new protein go-to. And I'm back to hitting the Skittles ever since I found out I passed my 3-hour glucose test. :) 
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  • @tishb do you have a good chicken and dumplings recipe?  I've been wanting some but have never made it before!
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  • Guysssss I miss bananas. I want them in my smoothies and on my PB English muffins. They were a staple for me. But the constipation has been no joke so I cut them out completely :'(
  • Nachos! I just layer nacho chips on a plate and pour on some shredded cheddar cheese, microwave to melty perfection.....and so much YUMMMM! 
  • My moms homemade mac and cheese. Fajitas. Vanilla ice cream with m&ms swirled around in it. 
  • So a new burger place opened in our town today. I really want to get H to try it for dinner because cheese fries and milkshakes.  I feel like he'll say it's going to be too busy on the opening day.  :/
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  • @CurlyCupcake21 but the baby neeeeeds it!
  • Omg cheese fries! 
  • The bag of gummy bears available at work was not nearly large enough to satisfy my craving for them!
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  • @Janefelicity right??

    @homemake they also have bacon cheese fries and chili cheese fries!  
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  • MrsDramaK said:
    @Janefelicity right??

    @homemake they also have bacon cheese fries and chili cheese fries!  
    DH does anything the baby wants as far as food it's concerned.  Baby trumps everything
    I like the way you think.  Maybe I'll (semi) feign exhaustion when I get home so I just can't be bothered to make dinner.  I actually am pretty tired because H was snoring in my ear all night and I had to keep kicking him and telling him to roll over.
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  • ShawllsShawlls member
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    A&W Onion Rings. Both pregnancies...I can't get enough of them. Why do they only come in one size?
  • I made a cabbage roll casserole last night. Nommmm. All the cabbage roll comfort and done in 30 minutes. 

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  • I am currently eating a candy cane oreo blizzard from DQ and its amazing! !
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  • @Partyof6? Oh that reminds me that Chick Fil A has a Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake that I keep meaning to try!!

    As for me, another office we work with sent over a big box with summer sausage and assorted cheeses so I'm chowing down on that until my H gets home. Yum.
  • I am jealous of all of your pasta and candy and potatoes... Because I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I have to avoid all the good stuff :( I just try to remind myself I'll come out of this pregnancy healthier than I went into it (which was healthy anyway) - I am definitely eating enough of the right kinds of nutrients, but I've only gained ~6 lbs total throughout the pregnancy. My nutritionist and midwife called me a model patient because I stick so closely to what I am supposed to eat (and avoid).

    Tonight we are having tri-tip for dinner, so that's cool. And I can eat small amounts of complex carbs, so I bought a loaf of my favorite multigrain bakery bread to go with it. I've been craving red meat lately, probably because we have had SO MUCH chicken and turkey in the past few weeks. 

    I also made GD-friendly peanut butter cookies the other night - basically just peanut butter, egg, a little splenda, vanilla and baking powder. Other than being kind of crumbly, they taste surprisingly like "real" cookies. A couple of those on top of a small bowl of no sugar added ice cream, and I feel almost like I am eating like a normal pregnant lady!
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  • Lots of pizza lately. DH and I just ordered Panago, and he's thinking of doing homemade pizza on Sunday.  Dunno why the pizza kick, its just seemed so good the past few days.

  • Last night it was shrimp & cheese tortellini Alfredo, and this morning is cinnamon blueberry muffins! 

    I have finally been feeling up to doing a lot more cooking this week, and it's been glorious eating more like we used to!
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • @WinchesterGirl Cinnamon blueberry muffins sound amazing. I love a well made blueberry muffin on a good day, but cinnamon as an added flavour seems like it would really kick it up a notch.

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