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It happened to me...

Well little miss Autumn is now 9 and 1/2 months old. She's never been hurt before. Nothing more than bumping her head on her crib from bouncing around too much. We still don't sleep through the night and sometimes even though I don't like it it's just easier for her to lay in our bed. She played me last night and after 2 hours of being awake I thought she was finally falling asleep with me cuz she layed down and closed her eyes. From my exhaustion I fell asleep and I fell asleep hard. I didn't feel her get up off me and crawl around the bed so much that the next thing I knew I heard a loud thump and her screaming. She fell off the bed. I always swore it would never happen to us, and it did. I just am so upset at myself that I couldn't keep myself up to play with her and keep her entertained. If I did it wouldn't have ended like this. I know it happens all the time and it's so common but I'm just so upset and mad at myself. I swore I'd never let it happen, well hell, I swore I'd never co sleep either and look how well that turned out. And of course, over protecting daddy wakes up and starts yelling at me that I need to put her in her crib and he always tells me that. But maybe if some nights he'd help with the fact that she still doesn't sleep through the night I wouldn't be so exhausted. I'm a full time working mom so it's even harder. She doesn't have any bumps or bruises and stopped crying after almost 2 minutes and was ready to play again. But I kept her up for almost another hour which she wasn't happy with cuz she was already tired from being up so long. Sorry for the long post I'm just so upset about it and I know you ladies are the least judgmental and I feel safe confiding with you all even though I don't really even post on here at all

Re: It happened to me...

  • Ahhh husbands... they always know the how to make us feel better lol. Things happen. You are sleep deprived and you thought she was asleep. We've all had our moments and will have plenty of more. Thankfully she is fine. Don't stress it. You're a great mom. 
  • Thanks @JanuarysBaby1. They really are wonderful aren't they
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    And it really meant along for you to say that. More than you could understand 
  • Been there, done that and I get it. Not a good feeling, but try not to beat yourself up about it. I agree with the mention of how wonderful husbands can be... funny it always seems to be our fault! Just know that feeling as crappy as you do, means you are an awesome mom! 
  • I just hated how he had to yell at me! Like obviously I would never have done that on purpose! I was already hurting enough emotionally and then you yell at me on top of that! I was so unhappy with him but obviously to concerned about her to make anything of it. Thank you ladies. This is why I had to post this here, because I knew I'd be able to have some support from you guys ❤️
  • Im a second time mom and thought i was doing pretty good with no major spills with my daughter who is 8. Then i had my son who is 10 months. He has fallen down the steps fallen and off the bed and im sure im forgetting something. This child is fast fast fast and always moving. I have felt like a failure on every occasion and of course was told how irresponsible i am by my husband. I thought the gate was latched when he fell down the steps and it wasnt. Im just saying it happens to great moms so dont beat yourself up. 
  • I totally get that! Like if it was to happen to them they'd play the guilt card and totally make it acceptable. I just felt so awful! I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone though! Thanks ladies! You're all wonderful mommies and I'm so glad to be a part of this group. From day one I've always enjoyed reading your stories
  • Yeah I cried longer then my LO did when he fell of the bed and he's done it three times now =/ my husband and I are the same way when it comes to Co sleeping. For me sometimes it is the only way I can get sleep and he just doesn't understand that. They are just broken to about baby being hurt and sadly they take it out on us. Don't beat yourself up!! That fact that you care so much means your a great mom =)
  • You sound like an awesome mom :) I second everything else the previous posters have said! 
  • Our bed is set super high (storage underneath) and I had brought the baby in to wake up daddy... he was awake when I left her with him to go get our toddler. I got the toddler downstairs and heard the worse thud, ever. I jumped the baby gate and ran up through stairs. Apparently, SO had her sitting in the middle of the bed when he bent to grab a shirt. She lunged and fell into the hard wood floors. I was so upset with him... until the next day when she was sleeping on the couch and rolled off on my watch. It was an eye-opener that some times, all the supervision in the world can't prevent bumps and bruises. Accidents happen. Babies are strong and resilient. We've all been there! 
  • Ugh you ladies really do know how to make me feel a whole lot better about such a crummy situation ❤️
  • https://www.scarymommy.com/baby-will-probably-roll-off-bed/?utm_source=FB

    Weve all been there in some capacity. But this showed up in my newsfeed and I thought I'd share.
  • my LO fell off the couch for the first time yesterday..and I was literally right beside him. Little booger was so fast. A few months ago he flipped himself out of his crib. He is fine fortunately but it doesn't help my guilt.. :smile:
  • Yep, happened on me twice. The first time he front flipped out of his crib and barely missed wacking his head on a wood bar connecting my head and foot boards. I freaked out took him to the dr he was ok, minored him for a concussion he was fine. 

    A week later, i turned my back for a minute, he sat up on the bed, fell forward and face planted on the metal bar on his jumper. (Stupidly I tried to catch him). 
    I freaked out again, called SO who was pissed at me, I said "he's ok" and then I looked at him..... he had blood pouring out of his mouth and I lost it.... I calmed down, investigated and his tooth caught the inside of his lip and cut it... he's a-okay. 
    Now, if I get out of bed at all, he goes to his jumper, in my arms, or he crawls on the floor until I'm done with what I need to do. 

    Parenting is is all about learning. I'm still trying to come to terms with this, babies are going to get hurt sometimes it's better they do. 
    Dont beat yourself up, it'll happen again, wait until they start riding a bike, they fall off of those A LOT don't blame yourself for buying that bike. 
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