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Weekend Worries 11/11

what's worrying you this weekend? Here's a safe place to get it out and get some support! 

Re: Weekend Worries 11/11

  • Waiting for Panorama results have finding out about our abnormal NT measurement last week. Confirmed the lab received the package Wed so really hoping we have results Monday or Tuesday.  
  • @1inthehopper Hoping you get your results soon and they are the 40% chance that all is well! I'm another who had signs of problems with a baby that turned out to be healthy (and is now 6!). Hoping you get that, too. 

    As for me - mostly just obsessing about baby movement and if it's enough. Anterior placenta + previous loss at 21 weeks where the baby didn't move much = anxiety! Hoping baby starts whacking me again soon. 


    2010: son born 9/1 

    2013: 2 miscarriages + d&cs, both at 10 weeks: April & July

    2014: son #2 born 6/29

    2016: Baby girl stillborn at 21w6d 4/29 and baby boy stillborn at 20w 3d 11/16

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  • Still thinking of you ladies. 

    I'm doing alright this weekend. But all week I felt like I was afraid to be excited even though I shared the gender with coworkers and friends. I've only had an early loss but I know I'm not out of the woods just to be in the second trimester. I'm nervous about my anatomy scan in two weeks. I know it's early to feel movement but I wish I could feel more than the occasional flutter once every three days or so. 

    In summary I guess I'm just worried about being in that place between feeling pregnant and feeling kicks. And I'll probably be worried about the anatomy scan until it's over. But overall I'm grateful to be feeling better than I have previously. 
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