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hi here! I'm a first time mom and also new to south oc. Looking for mom groups and outings. Thanks in advance!

Re: New moms/first time moms

  • Hi there, I’m also a first time mom who’s looking for mom groups.
  • Hi! I’m going to be a first time mom in March. I’m in hoping to find the same! I was sad that this group seemed dead when I jumped in here a few months ago. Glad to see some activity. How old is your baby or when are you due? 
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  • FTM here too! Located in Irvine and due May 7th! Looking for some local non groups as well, as I’m the first of my friends to be pregnant so don’t really have anyone to go through all the experiences with that can relate! 

    Where is everyone located? 
  • Yay congrats! I’m in placentia. I’m the first of my friend group to have a baby too. 
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