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Hi. I'm looking for some advice on hiring a sitter for the first time.  

I posted an ad on an online service (Sittercity) and got lots of responses but the quality of the applicants was quite poor and the majority would have to drive 30 mins to get to my house. Before I post another ad on a competitor's site, I'd like to make sure I don't have unreasonable expectations.

I am looking for a mother's helper once a week for 2 hrs with additional occasional babysitting. I'm trying to build a relationship with the right person since LO, who is 20 months old, has never been with a sitter. Is 2 hrs too small a block? I'm offering a decent hourly rate for my city (I asked around). I'm also asking for some help picking up and cleaning messes - but nothing big.

I could stretch my budget to offer 3 hrs but it's not what I want, really. LO is still nursing and he has trouble getting to sleep. So, I'm not expecting the sitter to handle bedtime or give him milk.

Another thing I can think of that might be putting people off is DH works from home, which I mentioned in the ad. Do you think that would be a concern? I can't do much about it except provide reassurance that there wouldn't be much interference.


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    2 hours, or even 3 hours, may not be worth it to some people, especially if they have to drive a considerable distance. I imagine many people who are looking for income would prefer something more substantial. And yes, some sitters, especially female, may be nervous by the idea of having to be basically alone with a man they do not know. But like you said, there's not much you can do about that and it's good you are being upfront.

    I'm not really sure what you could do to get more desirable applicants. I don't think that what you're asking for is unreasonable, it's just that a lot of people, particularly good quality sitters with lots of experience, are probably looking for more hours. Hopefully you can find someone who is just looking to supplement a primary income, or maybe another mom who wouldn't mind making some extra cash by watching another child for a couple hours a week. It might take some patience before you find the right fit.
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    Thank you for your thoughts @vineheart137 , I very much appreciate them. I think you're right that I need to offer more hours.

    I was somewhat shocked that there weren't many students, TAs, etc. responding from nearby, given that I live in a pretty central location. Live and learn.
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