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14 month old sleep routine in the night

Our 14 month old daughter has become reliant on sleeping in our bed. She used to sleep in her bassinet, and has never really liked her crib. She does nap in the crib, and initially we can put her down in the crib at night, but she always wakes up crying, wanting to come in our bed.  We currently all share a room also, as our new place is being built.. we have been wondering if it's because we all share a room that she knows we are close by and therefore wants to be even closer to us....I also hold her to fall asleep, whereas her daycare provider is able to put her in the crib and let her self soothe.
Any suggestions on how to increase her self soothing ability before and during the night would be much appreciated!
- Stephanie

Re: 14 month old sleep routine in the night

  • Does she have a lovey? Is her room warm enough, I notice lately if I forget to turn on the space heater he wakes up and won't go back to sleep. 
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  • My LO snuggles a thin muslin blanket which I think really helped him learn to self soothe. You could carry it around with you before giving it to her that way it smells like you and can bring her comfort. I think having her in her own room would help too if it's possible for you guys to do that. Good luck, it's so tough figuring out sleep problems but you will get there! 
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