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Baby refusing bottle

For the past week at daycare DS has been refusing to touch his bottles.  His teachers say he'll only drink from a sippy cup and he starts crying as soon as he sees a bottle.  I'm fine with him using a cup instead, but he's not very efficient with them yet.  The past 3 days, he's only had 4 oz of milk for the 9 hours he's there.  usually he drinks 10-12.  Now he's back to waking up every 2 hours, probably because he's hungry.  But I'm exhausted.  Anyone have any ideas on getting him to take a bottle again?  He still nurses OK at home.

Re: Baby refusing bottle

  • Oh my, I feel your pain. My LO started refusing the bottle months ago. Sippy cups and real cups are more appealing to her, but she's definitely not efficient at them. So she FINALLY started taking a bottle when I was out of town for 2 nights. I put her to bed, then I took a red-eye flight, so my mom had to handle the middle of the night feeding. It was a new, different kind of bottle (Tommee Tippee), the middle of the night so she was half asleep, dark, and in the rocking chair I use to nurse her. She's taking the bottle ok (not super great though) since. So.... try different bottles, locations, times of day, sleepiness level, person feeding her, or a combination of those? Good luck! 
  • I have been struggling with this. She started refusing the bottle at daycare about a month ago. With my girl, it's not the bottle though, it's the milk. She will drink water from the snippy cup during the day, but if it has milk in it she will throw a fit. She is still nursing in the morning and at night though. I was so concerned I took her to the doctor, and he told me she is an appropriate age to start weaning herself. He basically said you can't force a baby to drink milk, and it was her way of telling me she is ready. I had never heard of a 9 month old baby starting to wean. She is also in the 98 percentile for everything so she may just have been ready sooner. 

    I would recommend taking your concerns to the doctor, just to make sure there isn't somethibg medical going on, but also for reassurance. Good luck! I know how frustrating and worrying it is! 
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  • If he keeps it up, I'll call the Dr next week.  He's small for his age, so I always worry about him getting enough calories.  He's willing to nurse or drink milk from a sippy cup though.  
    Daycare is closed tomorrow for veteran's day, so my mom is watching him.  hopefully she's able to work with him on getting him to take some type of bottle
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