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HDBD 11/09/16

It's that time again, and I think we could use a little light fun today.

Re: HDBD 11/09/16

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  • Brynlee thought it was hilarious to wave, yell "hi" and laugh when I told her no last night (she likes to push the chairs around until it hits something, flips, and hits her in the face)...
    Also, she's trying hard to cut a top tooth, along with fighting another nasty virus. 
  • Charlie fell asleep at dinner last night which is a first since we loves his food  and please ignore the mess on my floor -  Charlie had his first night alone with daddy when I went to my sisters bachelorette party :)
  • Playing at the community center and then standing up in front of everyone during storytime at the library 

  • For some reason, I don't have any photos of just LO on my phone from this past week! That never happens. I usually have a thousand. So here is a photo of both of us. We went on a fun hike this week with Daddy, Papa, cousins, and uncles. Love exploring with my little girl
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  • Mary is 10 months old now! She had a lot of fun playing in the leaf pile with her big brother and sister!!! They love her to pieces!
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