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PGAL Check-in - Week of 11/7/2016


Next milestone/appointment? 

Rant/Rave/Anything else: 


GTKY: What's your favorite thing about autumn?

Re: PGAL Check-in - Week of 11/7/2016

  • Just wanted to stop by to see how everyone is doing. Baby Vincent is 12 days old and doing well. I have moments that I struggle but overall I'm so incredibly happy to finally have my rainbow baby. It's still a little surreal some days too. I feel a little like I should wake up from a dream. I hope everyone still waiting is doing well this week.

    GTKY: I love the leaves changing colors and the mild weather.
  • 38 +2
    Just had an appointment today and have another next Tuesday. Get a blood draw on Monday to check my antibodies. Discussing inducing on my due date if antibody levels have risen. Oh also tested positive for GBS, bummer.

    rant: heartburn is killing me and election has me all bummed out :(

    favorite thing about autumn is being being able to wear sweaters and cardigans everywhere.
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  • Weeks: 37+4

    Next milestone/appointment? had an OB today and have an NST on Friday

    Rant/Rave/Anything else: I think we *may* have a name....or more like our three year old has a name picked out that she's been calling her and I think we're getting on board with it.


    GTKY: What's your favorite thing about autumn? the in between weather and football
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