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Re: Twatwaffle Tuesday 11.08.2016

  • Being election day, I think this whole day will be big TW. On the bright side, no more campaign commercials after today!!
  • I feel like a twatwaffle trying not to make eye contact during night feedings. Which are twatwaffley themselves.
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  • @allythekid so jealous! We have to keep waking LO up until at least his due date which is today! I wonder if we have to wake him still!?
  • @serenaxo84 If he is gaining weight consistently, your pedi will most likely give you the green light to let him sleep :)
  • That's so nice @AllyTheKid ! My LO is a good sleeper but we've still been waking her every 3 or 4 hrs to eat. Tomorrow is her 2 week check up so I'm hoping she'll have gained enough that the doc will say we can let her sleep til she's ready p eat.
  • HR is a TW. They have already screwed with my leave. I'm dreading making that phone call to figure it all out. Ughhhh 
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  • The insurance company is a TW. I filed my short term disability claim nearly 6 weeks ago and reported Robert's birth nearly 5 weeks ago. Due to conflicts with my employer group and a massive buyout, i still haven't gotten paid. Insurance company says they are waiting on my employer. My employer says that the ball is in the insurance company's court. Meanwhile I'm sitting at home stretching every penny til that check cones in. 
  • +1 for insurance companies being a TW! My son will be a month old on Monday and I still haven't seen a penny for my short term disability... why does this process have to take so long?!?
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