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Milestone Monday

It's been too long since we shared milestones. I don't know if it's the same with your babies, but I feel like there's a new milestone every day this month! I'll just pick the most recent ones or you'll all be rolling your eyes at me. LO is 9.5 months.

1. He finally learned how to pick up food and put it in his mouth! (If he picked it up before he would just squish it in his fingers. Or, if he wanted to eat something, he'd lean his head down to the placemat to pick it up with his mouth. It was pretty adorable). Anyway, now that he's started there's no stopping him. He eats SO MUCH. 

2. Today both DH and I saw him follow instructions. I asked him to point at the baby in the book, and he did. DH told him he could kiss the baby (in a different book) and he leaned right in to do so. It's a different level of comprehension than we've noticed before!

Please share yours!

Re: Milestone Monday

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    DS started waving to people recently.  he always looks so proud of himself when he does it.
  • We have had several recently! 
    -Waving hello to people 
    -Pincher grip with food
    -actually eating real food (no more purées for this kid!)
    -Standing unassisted for short periods of time
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  • We've had several too... I definitely also feel that a bunch has come all together so quickly!
    1. Waving hello or bye, she's also figured out saying buh when she's waving Bye.
    2. Standing up without assistance and taking one or two steps holding on.
    3. Classic crawling. She's been a champion army crawler since a little over 6 months but she can now move FAST and no more belly on the ground.
    4. Pressing buttons and pulling things on toys, and picking up books and turning pages.

    This is such a fun, sweet age. if I could keep her like this forever (minus the night feedings and breastfeeding), i thinkle I'd be tempted to!
  • Violet started crawling about 2 weeks ago. She wasted no time and is cruising along thr couch and trying to stand unassisted. 
  • We had a ton this weekend all of a sudden! We're seeing a lot of the same things other people have.  Leap 7 is a nightmare but we're also seeing such huge changes and LOs more and more like a little person everyday.

    1. We started to stand unassisted the other day for short periods of time

    2. She started to shake her yes, we've been doing "no" for a while since she gets that more often haha 

    3. Pointing at everything! She pointed at the button on my coat yesterday and when I told her it was a button she tried to repeat it

    4. She figured out how to hit the little red on button on an annoying talking toy 

  • Oh! She also takes her finger and does that thing where she motor boats her lips. I'm not sure if thats what its called, but i hope you girls understand. Because it's hilarious.
  • @mrsgetz4000 mine does that also! Sometimes she does it with all 4 fingers lol it really is funny. 
  • Oh! She also takes her finger and does that thing where she motor boats her lips. I'm not sure if thats what its called, but i hope you girls understand. Because it's hilarious.
    DS loves to do that.he uses all four fingers, but hell entertain himself for like 10 minutes in the car with it.  he loves whence do it back to him too.

  • @nackie I'm so glad you know what I'm talking about! She sometimes uses her whole hand. She does it when she's tired and doesn't want to sleep, too. My husband's best friend has a son who is exactly two weeks older, that's where my daughter picked it up
  • We've been seeing a lot of the same milestones as PP's over the last couple of months (waving hello and goodbye, standing unassisted, taking a couple of steps, pointing at things, pushing buttons, etc.).
    The newest milestones this month are:
    1. Clapping when DH or I say, "good job."
    2. Saying, "no, no, no" while shaking her head.
    3. Playing "peek-a-boo." This one is my favorite. She will put something over her head (blanket, article of clothing, etc.) wait for me to say, "where's Wren?" and then whip it off her head while giggling away. She also likes when Mommy or Daddy puts something over their head too.
    The list goes on, but I think these are the most fun. I agree that she seems to learn something new every single day!  
  • So many fun things! Evelyn has started reaching for me when someone else is holding her. It melts my heart. I know someday I'll get sick of it, but right now I love it!
  • Oh goodness, where to start? 
    Brynlee loves to wave. She claps. She points (pushes buttons, too). She's discovered her belly button, which is hilarious. Her love for her siblings has really grown, too. She insists on giving hugs and kisses. It's so fun to watch. 
    The biggest milestone is her walking. She walks probably 75% or more of the time now. Full speed ahead! 
  • Aurora has been waving bye and clapping for about the last month and about a week ago is full on walking, she only crawls when she falls and needs to get to something to help her stand. She loves playing peek a boo and patty cake (claps her hands but doesn't roll yet). Working on her saying more words, she mostly gets the first letter down but not really the rest of the word, she loves dogs and ducks so 'D' words are her favorite right now. This stage is really getting to be fun. She will me 10months on the 16th. 
  • How exciting!! Sooo my little guy doesn't do any of these things no waving no clapping no shaking his head tries to imitate sounds sometimes... maybe? Haha he's seriously so busy crawling around and ripping things apart to even talk to him lol obviously we try but I honestly feel like he's so preoccupied tearing into everything in the house and exploring. I can't wait for him to do those things, so cute! 
  • Graham is just like your LO @kaym6. He says dog, dada, and waves, but still no crawling! He likes to stand with help too. Aside from that, he's pretty content to just sit on the floor and play with his toys. When he's tired of that, he insists on being held. Soaking up the snuggles while i can!
  • @kaym6 mine is the same. She waves randomly that I'm not sure if thats what shes doing and started dancing. But shes way too preoccupied crawling and getting into the towel drawer! She says dads (started a fewdays ago) but thats all. 
  • @cali1710 he's started dancing too! If there's music playing he will stand holding onto something and bounce up and down it's so cute. This is prob why he does nothing else because I spend all day trying to get him to dance lol 
  • Still no waving, clapping, pointing, or words yet over here. He does crawl all over the place and stand up on anything he can get his hands on but this just started in the past few weeks. For the past couple days we've been trying to work on clapping but I guess he will do it when he's ready. He's done almost all milestones (smiling, rolling over, sitting, crawling, etc) on the later side of "normal" so I shouldn't be surprised I guess. Everyone's milestones sound so cute, I can't wait for LO to "catch up" 
  • Denver: 
    Waves bye bye (only to grandpa)
    Crawls constantly. 
    Pulls himself up and walks around holding on
    yesterday, I was watching him play with his toys at my moms- he can stack his stackable rings ( if we give him the rings in the right order) and put the little shape things in the shape holes. 
    (I suck at describing toys obviously lol)

  • So fun! Isla loves clapping, waving bye, doing "so big" with arms up. She is crawling and climbing but only to her knees. But she does practice standing while on all 4s (think downward dog yoga pose ahah) but hasn't pulled herself up completely yet. She imitates what we say "mama, dada, no no" and knows just about everything we ask her! "lets read books!" and goes to the book pile. "wheres reggie or frankie" (dogs) and looks for them and finds them. Love this age of discovery! <3
  • These are all so cute!! It's so fun to watch them grow even though we wish they wouldn't =) 
    Keaton is a chatter box!! Yes, Hey, zues, Sissy (dogs), Josh (oops I guess it's time to call me DH dad all the time) mom, stop, papa, the list goes on. He learned to turn off the lights. He has started to play pretend with things me and my DH use a lot, it's so cute! He claps, waves, and gives high fives. He has been crawling and pulling himself up for a while but he has no interest in walking or standing. He also started the little Bbbbbbbb thing with his figures and lips. 
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