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Playing outside?

How does a baby play outside? What do you do with your little one outside? Anything other than wearing/carrying/going for walks?
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Re: Playing outside?

  • In the summertime I used to take L outside and put a towel down on the grass. We would read books or play with her toys. Walk around the yard and I would describe things that I saw, let her feel the grass on her feet. Now that the colder weather is here, we mainly just go for walks...I am dreading the winter. Yuck! 
  • DS loves to go outside! He mostly just sits in the grass and plays with grass and sticks, and now that it's fall he loves to play with leaves. I don't usually take out a blanket or toys, because he's so fascinated by his surroundings. We live close to a park, so we took some walks there this summer to swing.
    It gets very cold/snowy here in the winters, so I bought him a warm snowsuit so we can still have outdoor adventures over the next several months. My parents have a big hill, so I'm sure we will do some sledding. 
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  • Almost every day this summer, I would meet a group of moms at the park. We usually spread out blankets and throw out toys and just sit around and chat while the kids play. This was before they were mobile, making it WAY easier, but we still do it regularly (just with a little more running). We live in a small town and walk everywhere, which is really nice. The other day, I walked DD to the grocery store just to get out. 
  • I look up public parks on Google Street View and Yelp, to scope out what infant-friendly swings they have. DS really enjoys swings, and then when he's had enough of that I'll just put a playmat out and let him sit around. 

  • He likes to swing. We have a collapsible exersaucer-type chair that he plays in when we're outside. 
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  • We have an infant swing. LO loves swinging. Also, we sit in the grass. She likes to feel the grass and apparently wind is funny.

  • We've been bringing B outside in the stroller or her jumper with toys while we rake or do yard work. I don't like putting her on the ground right now because it's been wet or cold. She's fascinated by the trees and leaves. 
  • We go for lots of walks, but we also go to the park and she swings in the baby swings or sits in my lap to go down the slide. If we stay at home she sits in her pack'n'play with a few of her toys and watches the leaves on the trees, the dogs run around the yard, or dh and I work in the yard. We also take the jumperoo outside from time to time if we need to get some work done but she is super fussy. For some reason her jumperoo calms her. 
  • My son loves to be outside. Usually, we take walks while he is sitting in his stroller. I can walk for at least an hour and he will be just as content as he can be swinging his feet and looking at his surroundings. I haven't had him sitting on the ground/grass yet.
  • My son loves sitting on the grass and just playing with toys, but mostly I have to hold him or keep him in the stroller cuz his big sister who is 2 1/2 loves to run around and he is too heavy to hold for longer than a few minutes. I try to take them for walks too, but I'm dreading the winter cuz my daughter loves the cold and wants outside all the time. I bought my son a warm coverall from llbean so I can take him out without feeling like he's going to freeze. Hopefully, he'll love sledding cuz I can't think of anything else to do outside with him in such cold weather. I used to take my daughter to an inside open gym for babies so I'll probably do that most of the time with them to get them out of the house when it's really cold. 
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  • We're in Florida so don't really have to worry about the cold/snow, but DD loves being outside. She likes to swing in her baby swing on the swing set with big sisters. We also have a golf cart that she loves to ride around on with us. Mostly she just likes for me to carry her all around and watch the older kids play.
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