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Time Change

How'd everyone do with the time change this morning?  We had finally pushed DS's wake up back to 5:15 from his original 4:30 wake ups.  it doesn't sound like a huge difference, but it made a world of difference to me.  this morning, we were up at 4 am again.  ugh.  Hopefully he'll adjust quickly!

Re: Time Change

  • Yesterday I pushed his two naps back by 15 min each and put him to bed half an hour later than usual in hopes of getting him to sleep at least until the late side of normal (7:30, now 6:30). No dice. He was up at 6. Because we were at church he couldn't take a nap until 9:45 when we got home, which is so late for him given his wakeup but seems to have gotten him on track with the new time. Nap 2 is currently in progress at the normal time as well. I'm less convinced that the nighttime/morning wakeup will be as easy of a fix... we'll see. 
  • Ugh, my daughter didn't get the memo. I'm beat! she did stay up until her normal bed time of 6 - although to her it was 7. but this also could have been bc we wweren't home. hopefully she'll wake up at the new 630 tomorrow so I can get a little more rest. 
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  • We did okayyyy. We kept her up late. She usually gets up between 630&7, and today she woke at 615. So pretty good. But could be a fluke. We will see how tomorrow goes
  • LO took late naps yesterday and today due to our weekend activities, and he stayed up late last night so he seems to have gotten hims
    elf back on schedule so far, fingers crossed! 
  • LO was up at 5:30 but SO took her into bed with us and "tricked her" into sleeping longer. we haven't done that in months!

    This evening we kept her up until 7, so hopefully we can get her back to her regular schedule soon.
  • We had time change last week (England) and I had started pushing bedtime back 15 minutes a day for a couple days before hand. It didn't work and it took LO about 3 days to adjust. Not too bad.
  • We started prepping last week with extending her bedtime by 30 mins. She's been great about bedtime and naptime with the new times, but she still wakes up early. Her usual wakeup time was 7-15am and now it's 615am, but I kind of enjoy having that extra time with her in the morning before work :)
  • I don't know what's going on, but my LO is going to bed earlier and waking up later since the time change. I'm loving it. We did nothing to prepare because I totally forgot. 
  • I had an early riser and now I have an earlier riser haha desperately trying to push that wake up time later, so sleepy I have been trying to pick out blackout curtains for his room since it gets bright so early now but he's up well before that still anyway lol 
  • Ive been putting LO to bed at the same time (7pm new time and old) and shes getting up at 6am (used to be 7 so technically its the same time). I'm going to try tonight to put her to bed at 6/630 and see if she wakes up a big later! 
  • Mine has been on the new time for naps and bedtime... but not wakeup! He used to get up between 7 and 7:30 and it has been 6 and 6:15. BUT this morning he slept until 6:55-- fingers crossed he keeps it up. 
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