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Diaper Rash from Walking?

LO loves to walk. It's literally all he wants to do. I noticed a small rash on his legs the other day and immediately put cream on it. I have kept an eye on it but it seems to have gotten worse. It looks more like a rash from something constantly rubbing on it. I'm thinking it's is diaper? Im going to go up and size and see our doctor this week but just wondering if anyone else has seen it? He's so sore he cries when his diaper gets changed now. I feel terrible. The rash is right where his diaper would rub if he's walking. Any ideas? which diaper is the best for constantly moving kiddos? 

Re: Diaper Rash from Walking?

  • Same issue here! We were worried it was fungal or something. We have literally only had any diaper rash twice and it was from diarrhea due to antibiotics so I freaked. It's where his legs meet his, ummm, taint area. And it was not going away with aquafor. Doc recommended an antifungal like lotramin AF in case it was fungal and then a coat of Resinol to keep the area totally protected. The resinol is over the counter but you have to actually ask for it from the pharmacist at our CVS. That did the trick. It starts to look a little chafed every now and then and I just put the resinol down there before bed and the next morning all is right again. I think ours is from the diapers daycare uses. Good luck!
  • We're using Kirkland brand size 5 diapers now (Costco) and haven't had that issue - LO has been walking since 10.5 months and is now running. But going up a size in your current diapers might do the trick!
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  • Going up a size in our diapers and using Sudocrem has helped a lot! So so much better! I felt terrible! We're thinking it could have been a reaction to a new food as well. He tried blueberry pancakes and that's when it started. No blueberry pancakes no rash.
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