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Any moms out there still dealing with birth/labor complications?

I hope this is an ok feed, but I had a pretty difficult/complicated labor experience that resulted in an emergency csection and bc of the surgery I've had loads of complications. I ended up losing a lot of blood during surgery which caused me to need several transfusions. Then almost two weeks PP I started having lots of pain in my back which we then discovered was a large blood clot that was formed likely from surgery... It's sitting on a large nerve so it's causing me all kinds of pain and difficulty... Then just two days ago, I got up in the middle of the night and suffered a giant vaginal hemorrhage all over myself and my kitchen... That has probably been the most traumatic situation yet. It was tons of blood and I think I sort of went into shock. My husband had to call the squads and off I went again... Sorry this is so much, but I'm just curious if there's anyone else out there that might still be having problems large or small from delivery or whatnot. This has just been so scary and lonely bc obviously most people I know have never/will never have these type of experiences. 

Re: Any moms out there still dealing with birth/labor complications?

  • So sorry your still having trouble. 
  • Hope things get better for you soon! 
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    I was just in the hospital yesterday and had to have an exam under general anesthesia to fix a recurring abscess on my bum.  probably not pregnancy related as I had a csection but abnormal post partum pooping habits probably didn't help either. It sucked. I was in a lot of pain and still am after "the fix" and will require more follow up care.  and I hated being away from my LO. But you've got to take care of yourself in order to take care of babes. 
    Hope you're back on your feet in no time. Keep communicating with your docs and goull
    get there. 
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  • So sorry you're still having complications!! You've had such a traumatic experience. I would need therapy. 
  • @NoraAurora I told my husband that I think I might have ptsd after this whole thing. I've had a terrible time, but I thankfully have had great support from both of our families and our church family. I'm a pretty private person so this has been difficult for me to be so open about these difficulties and needing help from others, and I'm just praying that normalcy is near. 

    @chriscasey33 sorry you had to have a procedure done. Pregnancy related or not, it still sucks to still deal with more healing and set backs. Hope you get to feeling better soon!! 
  • @christinab0722 I'm not having issues this time, but with DD I didn't fully deliver the placenta, ended up with a painful infection, and had to have it (remaining placenta) cleaned out of me and bled for 6 months =( I know how lonesome and isolating it is to have complications and not have anybody to talk to who understands other than your doctors- evendors then it's hit or miss. I hope you start feeling better soon, and if you start getting really blue about it, please talk to your doctor about PPD and possible solutions, there is no shame in asking for help mama. ::hugs::

    @chriscasey33 RectiCare girl (or generic version anorectal cream 5% lidocaine). Walgreens. Seriously, the only thing that kept me from having a panic attack and suffering in agony everytime I had to poop... 
  • @AllyTheKid thank you for the reco!
    Me: 36 & DH: 40
    Married: November 2015
    DD 10/19/2016
    BFP:  8/20/2018 - EDD 5/4/2019
  • @AllyTheKid the irony of this post is that I'm actually back in the hospital again now... I had another hemorrhage at home yesterday and today they did a D&C to remove a piece of placenta and other tissue that wa still attached to the uterus. Apparently, a somewhat simple procedure which lasts most people 10-20 minutes took them almost two hours on me. They are confident that this should stop all the bleeding and hemorrhaging episodes, but we are watching it so closely. Tbh, this whole thing since birth has just been the worst, heart wrenching, and very scary. I pray that this is the last of my troubles and I can finally get back to normal. And I've definitely got my senses up for any PPD symptoms...I already take meds bc I had issues with DS1 and I knew that was something I never wanted to go through again. 
  • @christinab0722 I had a suspicion that might be what you were experiencing, so sorry you had to go through that :( 
    On the bright side, other than bleeding and spotting for several months, I felt much better following the procedure. I hope you get the same relief mama ::hugs:: 
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